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Found 6 results

  1. After losing power for most of the week, I finally got back into the game and finished up the low visibility schemes for the A-6. I will be revamping the data structure (i.e. locations of decals) for the A-6 Superpack to make it more friendly to people who use the manual install, which means that I will only use the main decal folder for files that directly replace 3W default decals. Quite honestly, the superpack has grown and evolved so much since version 1.0 that maintaining the existing folder structure was becoming unwieldy. The new folder structure will be designed with modularity and
  2. After a lot of hard work and constraints on my free time, I have finally released the EA-6B Prowler Superpack for the Strike Fighters 2 series. The EA-6B superpack includes six prowler variants, from the original EA-6B that flew in the late Vietnam War all the way to the ICAP III model, which is the most current variant. The EA-6B Superpack is an add-on to the A-6 Superpack, and requires that version 1.51 of the A-6 Superpack (also just released) be installed. Here are some screenshots to tie you over: Here's an original EA-6B (circa 1971) from the VAQ-132 Scorpions. VAQ-131 and VAQ-132
  3. I recently did a fictional Israeli Defense Force A-6 skin after seeing some concept art, which got me thinking how cool it would be to have the Intruder in the Yom Kippur war. Once I finished that, I saw some concept art for USAF, RAAF, and RN FAA A-6 skins. I've completed the USAF skin (sacrilege, I know...) and three of the RAAF skins. I figured you would (pardon the pun) go Batty over the RAAF skins. All use the 2nd Squadron. Night variant (flat black bottom) based on the aforementioned concept art. Another shot from a different angle. Here's a skin with the white under
  4. Lately, I've been putting Wrench's EA-6B templates to good use in creating Prowler skins, but the lion's share of my work has been creating the logos for each of the EA-6B squadrons (USN and USMC). I have created Hi-color as well as low visibility (dark and light) insignia, along with CAG markings that differ from the standard Hi-color markings. All of the squadrons have been added to SquadronList.ini, with EA-6B entries starting at 455. This leaves plenty of room for other add-on squadrons or TK patches. All of the following birds use the same skin; any variation is in decals only. T
  5. The new version provides full compatibility with the May 2012 patch, and adds a plethora of enhancements (including fully naval campaigns). http://combatace.com/files/file/12897-a-6-superpack/
  6. There I was, finally having tweaked my A-6 Intruders for Strike Fighters 2 to my liking. I imported the RAZBAM cockpits for the A-6A, A-6B, and A-6E into each of the A-6 variants I have for Strike Fighters 2 (merged install), which includes the aforementioned models as well as the KA-6D, EA-6A, and EA-6B Prowler. After days of tweaking the avionics files, data files, and figuring out how to make MigBuster's CCIP mod work with the March 2012 patch, I finally gave all of my variants the proverbial check flight. When I got to the A-6E (TRAM), I noticed that somebody left a nuke in the ordinance s
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