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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, D3D9 effects are possible in TAW with the use of a D3D9 Injector called SweetFX. I have tested this to work with both nGlide and dgVoodoo in D3D9 mode. The program can also be installed in the TAW folder and not have any adverse effects when using the D3D EXE (which is D3D5) or dgVoodoo in D3D7 mode. Here are some comparative screenshots taken at 1000 game time. I used nGlide with 1.1 Gamma, so the "before" screenshots may look a little bleached. I went a bit overboard on Vibrance, Bloom, and HDR in order to demonstrate the capabilities. I also noticed no drop at all in frames while running with these enhancements, even with SMAA antialiasing at ultra. A screenshot of the F-22 in the sun: And after SweetFX is loaded: You can really see the lighting effects on the clouds and haze. Here's the F-22 above the cloud layer. The lens flare is offset in this image. And with SweetFX, you can see the lens flare is more extreme (I did go overboard on the lighting, so this is expected). Here's the F-22 above the cloud layer, with the haze in the background and the ground underneath. And with SweetFX the haze layer is less "band like". Finally, the F-22 near the mountains. And with SweetFX: One thing the screenshots don't convey is the more dynamic environment. The haze band, while still prominent, appears more dynamic with more moisture content, and looks less like it's supposed to cover up unrendered tiles. The SweetFX can be found at guru3d, and utilities to do on the fly configuration can be found in this thread. Keep in mind that if you do this in TAW, you need to be using one of the Glide wrappers in D3D9, and you need to go to the map screen or the options screen (keypad . or Shift-O) before alt-tabbing out of TAW to change your settings. I don't have the time or the patience to tweak with this from scratch, and I don't know what half of the settings do anyway. I encourage enterprising folks out there to create TAW profiles and submit them in this thread (they are text files, so you could just submit the content in the post using code tags). Once we get some profiles we like (and we can have as many as we want) we will add this functionality directly into the launcher. Please, get those profiles rolling in!
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