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Found 1 result

  1. Fellas, It looks like LotRO involvement has dropped off in a serious way. I know I'm busy with real life, and I know a number of us have primarily shifted over to Elder Scrolls Online. However, as a Lifetime VIP I have no lapse in subscription for as long as LotRO is up, so I can keep the proverbial light on. Right now we have the kinship house in the Shire, and I'm basically paying upkeep out of my (albeit significant) gold reserves to keep it going. However, with the Premium Housing in Gondor and (soon) Rohan, we can shift this. As a VIP, I don't have to pay upkeep on Premium Housing, and as a Lifetime VIP, I should never have to pay upkeep. Note that this also applies to kinship leaders as well (at least for now and at least in Gondor), but at the very least I can get a kin house in premium housing and we can have it for LotRO's lifetime! Here's what I propose: As soon as we can get a Mead Hall in Rohan for CoN, we should do so. Premium housing costs mithril coins (as opposed to gold), so there may be a one-time real-world cost. Since I get my TPs every month as VIP, I can purchase mithril with TPs with nothing more than what amounts to opportunity cost. Then with the mithril I can get a housing writ to purchase the premium house/mead hall. At this time, we should move everything from the shire to the new location. We can do Rohan (currently on Bullroarer) in the mountains (Eastfold) or the plains (Kingstead), or we can do a deluxe house in Gondor. I would gladly accept mithril donations if this is possible. According to the preview, Mead Halls should go for 900 coins. I would also like people's input on whether this is a good idea, whether you would rather stay in the Shire and pay upkeep, or whether you no longer have a proverbial dog in the fight. Forth Eorlingas! HF
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