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Found 4 results

  1. If you love combat sims (and I know you do) subscribe to the Grim Reapers YouTube channel: (Be sure to watch in full-screen mode for maximum awesomeness)
  2. DCS Week Update 06 February 2017 (English version) https://youtu.be/ri65AgHt9gE
  3. ArturDCS, as he is known on the Eagle Dynamics (ED) forum has written a program--Flightpanels--to allow the following Saitek Pro Flight Panels to interface with DCS World aircraft: Switch Panel Radio Panel Multi Panel Back-lit Information Panel (B.I.P.) Flightpanels will operate in two modes: keyboard emulation and/or DCS-BIOS. In keyboard emulation mode, the Switch Panel and Multi Panel buttons can be programmed to work with any DCS module and with other programs as well. The Radio Panel and B.I.P. will not operate in keyboard emulation mode. In DCS-BIOS mode, all panels mentioned above can be used, but they are limited to the A-10C and UH-1H Huey. As other modules (aircraft) are added to DCS-BIOS, they will be added to Flightpanels as well. When in DCS-BIOS mode, switches and buttons can be configured with keystrokes or DCS-BIOS functions, but the user also has access to other information provided by DCS-BIOS such as radio frequency setting and feedback, altitude and heading feedback and display and so on. Click HERE for the post regarding Flightpanels on the ED forum. Thanks, Skeeter
  4. This mod allows your logbook pilot to fly for the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps in addition to the default United States Air Force. The USN and USMC "countries" have their own sets of insignia and share a set of medals. Additionally, the option is there to update the USAF medals from the default medals (three of which are incorrect) to the actual USAF medals that can be earned in air combat. Regardless of whether you choose to update the USAF medals, the existing default medals will now include the "Combat V" as applicable. In addition to adding the proper USAF medals, the USN/USMC/USAF mod also removes the Navy and Marine Corps squadrons from the USAF entry (those patches were my mod to begin with, so I'll do with them whatever I please ). The entire USA squadron list is left intact for the USN/USMC mod. Note: the default alliance matrix keeps the USN and USMC as "neutrals", so that you still only need to make a "USA" unit in the mission editor. This just keeps things simple, at least until the DCS F/A-18C is released. USN Logbook and USN/USMC medals: USAF Logbook with updated medals (optional): The mod works with DCS World 1.2.6 and can be found at the following links: DCS File Repository LOF Combat Ace
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