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Found 5 results

  1. The Air Dominance Project is proud to announce the release of EF2000 Reloaded Choose a Download Mirror (file size 64Mb): EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (Box.com) EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (MediaFire) EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (Google Drive) The heart of EF2000 Reloaded is a special version of DOSBox written by our own mikew1, with 3DFX code optimized for EF2000 and a VFX1 emulation routine that allows the use of TrackIR in Enhanced Mode. For the first time, you can run EF2000 V2.0 for 3DFX/GFX+ in Windows XP or later, with no graphical artifacts or appreciable slowdown. Additionally, the resolution upscaling addresses the image at the 3DFX polygon level, and not at the output level, making for a much better upscaling experience. Mikew's DOSBox for EF2000 is truly the Holy Grail EF2000 fans have been waiting for! No Air Dominance Project release is complete without a front end, and EF2000 Reloaded is no exception. EF2000 Reloaded includes a front end/launcher to accompany mikew's DOSBox for EF2000. In addition to taking care of the required DOSBox parameters and providing a GUI to customize your DOSBox Conf file, the EF2000 Launcher adds the following features: Supports three separate installs of EF2000 (original DOS, TACTCOM, and GFX+2). Integrated multiplayer front end allows hassle free IPX emulation over TCP/IP, with a "phone book" for your friends' IPXNet servers. Option to manage separate single player and multiplayer campaigns for each EF2000 install. Custom Campaign Creator allows custom scenarios based on the scenarios from Strategic Command for EF2000. Basic Campaign Editor allows you to adjust difficulty level, player influence, and player score. Includes Super Revive by Brett Luck for in-depth campaign edits. Notes: EF2000 Reloaded neither includes nor installs EF2000. You are responsible for your own EF2000 procurement and installation. Instructions on installing EF2000 V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. Super EF2000 / EF2000 V2.0 for Windows 95 is not supported. EF2000 Reloaded requires at least Windows XP SP3. Known Issues: If you get the "DLL Location Key not Present" dialog box when running the TrackIR Enabler, select the EF2000 Reloaded shortcut, right click, and select "Run as Administrator". Likewise, you can set the shortcut to "Run as Administrator" in properties as well. 1 DOSBox 0.74 is an open source program written by Peter "Qbix" Veenstra, Harekiet Sjoerd, Tommy "Franskapet" Frossman, and Ulf "Finster" Wohlers. Mikew's 3DFX code was based on kekko's 3dfx Voodoo patch for DOSBox. 2 TACTCOM and GFX+ are also known as EF2000 V2.0 for DOS and EF2000 V2.0 for 3DFX respectively.
  2. I own original copies of: EF2000 Evolution (EF2000 + TACTCOM) Super EF2000 F22 TAW I want to set up a flightsim project at the school I work at installing first Super EF2000, and then once we get better work station PCs with graphics cards, EF2000 Reloaded and F22 TAW v2. I understand that DID games like EF2000 and F22 TAW are not abandonware (?). Q) For multiple installs of these original sims and the community extentions what are the licence requirements, is is sufficient to just have disks of the original sims?
  3. Gentlemen, First of all I would like to give thanks to all of the efforts to improve on one of the best combat flight simulators ever, IMHO! It is a remarkable achievement of all of the improvements made and a testimony to the dedication of those who felt the need to bring back this classic! My thanks and appreciation goes out to you. I haven't tried Strategic Commander yet but plan to but did find a copy of the old Revive program from years ago. I am in the process of relearning all that I have forgotten over the years but gleefully look forward to it. In the meantime, while going through the EF2000 strategy guide I came across an AAR that I printed off from 1997(!). It was posted to the old EF2000~gamers.org site. Below is the text of the email. Maybe some of you guys are familiar with the person that wrote it. I would love to read more AARs as I get back into this marvelous sim! Ric “Harpy” Cohn Sweetman wrote: > > Hi guys, > Todays “Handy Hint” for those not aware of it. > I recently flew a custom strike mission as a lone aircraft. The plan > was, after looking at existing strike packages, that I’d try to co­ > ordinate my TOT. with a group that was bombing the hangers at the same > airfield. On the Ingress, I spotted two large (total 20 aircraft) > Russian strike packages take off from my target and a neigbouring > airfield.rearm and refuel at a NATO field, and if I’d missed the time slot with > the other NATO strike, I would just sit around until I saw another > flight heading in the direction of my own target. > > So, I intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike one, ran away > <G>, and intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike two. I > became winchester during the second interception, with the result that I > had 3 x SU35 chasing me Southwest along the coastline. > I was now wondering about the wisdom of my thinking. Then I remembered. > The *only* NATO SAM and AAA that actually fire at anything are the ones > defending NATO bases. I headed towards the nearest NATO base (about 80 > miles away). The bandits followed. In essence, I kept adjusting heading > and speed to keep those bandits chasing and locking me up, but always > heading for the base. As I approached it, I descended to low level, and > directly overilew it, keeping on the same heading. The bandits > followed, right over the airfield, where SAM (Rapier) and AAA splashed > all three. > This got me thinking. So now I landed at the same base, refuelled and > rearmed, and went off to intercept the remaining WW (2) and bombers (4) > from Russian Strike two. I killed those, and being winchester (again), > went for a cannon interception of the six remaining bombers (SU34) from > strike one. I slid gently in behind them, selected the tail end > charlie, and despatched him. All hell let loose. The remaining five > went in all different directions to turn towards me and I blasted > through the middle with burners on, and turned back towards the > airfield. To my delight, they all followed. > > Using the same tactic, I went straight over the airfield, with the > bombers between 7 and 20 miles behind me. The icing on the cake was the > sight of a 2 ship EFA CAP take off about two minutes before I reached > the base. Hehe... > Anyway, by the time I turned back to the ensuing mayhem over the > airfield, only two SU34 were still airborne and both were smoking. I > closed on one for a guns kill, but before I got to him, one of the CAP > splashed him with an ASRAAM. The other exploded in mid-air. > I landed again, and resumed my original mission. Although I destroyed > the runway, a sneaky SAM with didn’t light up his RADAR until I was > right over the target got me almost before I knew about the launch. So > no happy ending i’m afraid. > Anyway, sony if i’ve rambled, but I thought that this little tactic > might save your butt in the right situation. Any thoughts is appreciated! Thanks guys! Andre
  4. Hello, I will post stuff about myself and thoughts about this wonderfull EF2000 flight sim later. For now I wanted to let people know I am currently uploading an exact and orignal CD copy of both EF2000 and EF2000 V2.0 for those who don't have it. These are in bin/cue format. Their is a reason this. Both CD are multi-tracks and bin/cue handles this better than ISO, in my opinion. None the less, these files are on my personal server. Free to download for anyone who wishes to enjoy this wonderfull and awsome flight sim. Yes, even in the year 2012 and beyone it will always be awsome. I bought EF2000. Back in the day, the original programmers mailed me a copy of the EF2000 V2.0, which I thought was so cool, because they didn't require me to pay for an upgrade. As soon as my website is relaunched, I will have a special dedicated section for the EF2000 inlcuding every file, forum, website etc.. I could ever possibly find on the internet so you want have to spend hours searching. KEEP IT ALIVE!!! IT'S WORTH IT!! EF2000 CD EF2000 2.0 CD [link removed by Admin]
  5. Hot on the heels of my Total Air War profile, and inspired by Magic Mikew's recent EF2000 renaissance, I have put together a beta TARGET profile which is now included in EF2000 Reloaded. While the profile can be used with the HOTAS alone, use of the MFDs are recommended, because the MFDs allow for discrete states of the radar, allow MFD functionality from the cockpit mode for buttons with hotkey assignments, and now allows use of the MFD buttons to press any MFD button while zoomed in! Features of this profile include: Fully funtional MFDs when zoomed in, and partially functional MFDs while in cockpit view. Context sensitive command mapping to switches emulate discrete settings as much as possible. CommState routine allows for the selection of 1 through 8 with Hats 2 and 3 while the COMM switch is pressed. More precisely-mapped throttle allows linear function below afterburner detent, with throttle frozen at “MIL” while within limits of the afterburner detent. Afterburner is engaged above the AB detent, and disengaged halfway between the AB detent boundaries. Autopilot routine that can be discretely engaged or disengaged from any mode, with context sensitive S1 employment based on the current autopilot mode. LED indications for autopilot, autothrottle, airbrake, landing gear, refueling mode, CommSwitch, and Teamspeak3 PTT. Compatible with VAC. HAT1 can be POV or Trim, but always slews TIALD when zoomed into MFD2. HOTAS mappings set to thematically match F-16C and MFDs to in-game EF2000 as closely as possible. Intelligent Radar functions allow flexibility and logic with cycling and discretely selecting options. Refueling mode dampens controller respopnse for operations around the tanker. Optional differential braking even without toe brakes on your rudder pedals. As with the TAW profile, the toe brake features have yet to be implemented. Here is the graphic layout of the HOTAS controller: And the MFDs: I look forward to your feedback. Any input to improve the profile is greatly appreciated.
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