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Found 7 results

  1. In a tradition that dates back to IL-2 Forgotten Battles, those of us who enjoy eating baby cow pay tribute to the calf's requisite sacrifice by flying aircraft with skins inspired by the classic cow pattern. We are...the Black Veal Squadron, and in addition to IL-2 and TAW, we now have skins for the F-15C in FC3! Fortunately, the classic F-15 patten really lends itself to this, as you can see in the screenshots. Enjoy! Note the shoulder patch on the pilot. I opted for the high visibility markings and roundels because, lets face it: cows just aren't that tactical.
  2. EDIT: These skins are now available for the Su-33. Feel free to trap in style! Su-27 Volume I: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-27 Volume II: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-27 Volume III: Adversaries CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-33 Volume I: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-33 Volume II: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Inspired by some of Clave's fantasy artwork, I decided to skin the Su-27 for the US Navy. So far I have done the VF-21 Freelancers and the VF-124 Gunfighters. A number of markings have been Westernized ("NO STEP" instructions replacing the Russian "X", intake warnings, ejection seat and rescue markings, etc.). I deviated to a degree from the artwork, and I have done CAG, CO, and Line skins (though no CAG skin for VF-124, which was a RAG and was not part of an operational Carrier Air Wing). Some shots of the VF-124 CO bird: And the VF-124 Line Bird: And here are the skins for VF-21, starting with the CAG bird. I took a few liberties with Clave's idea and opted for the CVW-5 version of VF-21 with different paint schemes from the artwork. Here's the CO bird. Not quite as flashy as the CAG bird. And the line bird: All Su-27 USN skins have custom pilot graphics with western flight suits and squadron patches. I'm still working on the Jolly Rogers (though it will be VF-103 and not VF-84 as depicted in Clave's art; this is homage to my deployment with CVW-17 in 2000). I plan to do a CAG bird, line bird, and the CO bird in its 2000 Christmas theme.
  3. Given that the subject mission was included with the Flaming Cliffs 3 package from DCS, I was surprised to find what I believe are quite a few errors in the mission that render it unworkable and, most likely, unwinnable. In at least two cases incorrect units are being activated. In another case, the wrong unit is being tracked for entry into a trigger zone. The condition "FLAG IS MORE" was used when it should have been "FLAG IS TRUE" in another instance. Finally, the CAS2 orbit was set up such that they would never fly through the trigger zone that would allow their activation (or the trigger zone was placed between the wrong waypoints). Finally, the return and nearby bases were set to neutral, which would disallow repair and rearming. This might have been intentional. I suppose that with judicial use of your wingman and available CAS units, this mission could be won without rearming, but maybe not. I certainly could be wrong about some of these things, but in some cases the errors are pretty clear. If you wish, you can download a modified version of this mission with the above changes. I have yet to win this mission, so there might be other things lurking, but I have gone over it fairly thoroughly now. One additional change that I make for myself since I'm still very green is to eliminate the two SAM batteries and give myself at least a fighting chance (that change was not made in the linked version). I hope this helps anyone who might be interested. Also, I'm very open to strategy advice on this one. It seems success is highly dependent upon proper use of your available assets, mainly in terms of when they get activated. Thanks, Skeeter Download link: http://www.poweredmodelairplanes.com/FC3-A-10A-Gory_Gori_Corrected.miz
  4. EDIT: This file has been superseded by a TARGET script with similar functionality and additional features. All development on this Foxy profile is suspended. I have just uploaded my Flaming Cliffs 3 Cougar profile to my Mediafire site. It is now available for download. http://www.mediafire...zbzm2ipxkhhenob Even though it is v2.0, this is the first public release, and the first version polished enough to use the same profile for all FC3 jets, even with differing functionality. Included in this profile are: Special optional cannon logic for Russian fighters Throttle logic, including user-defined curves and engine start/stop with idle detent (don't worry, there are safeguards against inadvertent engine shutdown) Integration with Cougar MFDs Here are the graphics of the HOTAS and MFD profiles respectively. This is a limited distribution at this point because I would like to get your feedback. I haven't fully tested the functionality in the Su-25, nor have I tested the profiles as they pertain to each aircraft to a great extent. I'm relying on you guys to provide me with constructive criticism on how I can improve the profile before distribution to a wider audience. Please provide your feedback in this thread. Also, be sure to read the readme file. Its content is critical to getting the profile working.
  5. Now Neph gets his shiny new cockpits! DCS 1.2.4 Preliminary Change Log SUBJECT TO CHANGE Version 1.2.4 New Features AI Fw-190D9 with multiple skins. Graphical User Interface. New skin panels. Graphical User Interface. New Module Manager. Flaming Cliffs 3. New Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) cockpits for the Su-25, Su-27 and A-10A. Flaming Cliffs 3. Added vertical adjustments to the Su-25 gunsight for bomb, rocket, and missiles delivery. This includes 10 steps down [RALT - H] and 10 steps up [RSHIFT - H]. Combined Arms. Added radar emission control. Key . This allows players to operate SAM radars in radar-silent mode. Combined Arms. Generic automatic transmission. Combined Arms. Axis controls for ground units implemented. The Radio Menu F10 option now works in network games. New trigger actions: "radio item add for coalition", "radio item remove for coalition", "radio item add for group", and "radio item remove for group". New Mission Editor features: -Initialization Script Added -Trigger Action: AI TASK renamed to AI SET TASK -Trigger Action: AI PUSH TASK added -Trigger Action: Set Flag Value added -Trigger Action: Set Internal Cargo added -Group LUA condition and % chance of appearance added Numerous SSE changes and new features. http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Main_Page DCS World Some issues causing network instability have been fixed. Improved air-to-air missile performance. The missiles dynamic launch zone of fighters has been adjusted. The T-90 tank added the Encyclopedia. Fixed some Mission Editor and GUI crashes. Il-76 damage model has been corrected. Tail numbers stencil shimmering for the Il-76 model is fixed. The standard Russian Air Force MiG-31 skin is fixed. In ME airfield info page now includes airfield ATC frequency. Fixed ME issue regarding statics. Mission debrief. Accounting of released weapons has been corrected. Rearming & Refueling Window. The chaff and flare fields can increase countermeasures amount. Resource Manager (RM) - Smoke generators being duplicated in RM airbase weapons window has been fixed. Resource Manager (RM) - Increased the maximum storage fuel limit to 5,000 tons for each airbase. AI A-10 will no longer shoot all Mavericks at a single target. Axis assignments will print to input .html file ME inability to save file into mods folders has been fixed. Pilot skins added to the E-3A. The S-5 rocket warhead changed from HE to shaped-charge. Corrected valid firing azimuth for FSG "Molniya". New, more accurate, missile dynamics for the SA-19 Tunguska. Airfield marks disappearing after pressing "Cancel" on "Coalitions" window has been fixed. Fixed an issue where AI aircraft and vehicles set invisible = true, then set invisible = false, the ground AI vehicles still could not be detected. Fixed situation if player sets options to "pilot can control vehicle" and the mission doesn't have an aircraft, player can't control units. Fixed ME error when clicking a certain area in the track playback menu. F10 Radio item or add for coalition ALL has been removed. Fixed coalition helicopters unable to take off from aircraft carrier if "takeoff from ramp" condition is selected. Rearm and refuel menus have been removed. "Rearm & Refuel" command will now open Mission Resources Dialog. CG-60 Normandy will now attack Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM). Waypoint actions "Weapon hold" has been fixed. Helicopters sinking when they takeoff from an aircraft carrier has been fixed. Fixed S-300 launches not being shown in the de-brief. The COMM option status will now save in the mission. Fixed AI not always attacking targets during intercept task. Corrected ROE behavior issues. Fixed Tunguska tracking targets through buildings. Fixed server crashes, when one client fires an air-to-air missile and other client joins the game. Fixed F-16C Bl52d having old (Flanker) icon style on F10 view. Fixed incorrect aspect when recording video in 1280*720. ME. Some issues with copying, renaming and removing payloads has been fixed. Fixed helicopter AI ROE and threat reaction. Corrected air to Air ATGM delivery by AI Ka-50s. Fixed the inability to respawn if the aircraft flies into the ground. Fixed severe framerate drop when looking at destroyed civilian train. Fixed the OK button not working when a campaign is finished. Fixed crash when rocket collides with ground (fullscreen only). Adjusted framerate impact of smoke from burning aircraft. Fixed AWACS not performing stop task. Improved Sorbcija ECM pod model. Improved the ejection model for the A-10A/C and F-15C. Corrected scale of F-15C external fuel tanks. New skins for the Su-27 and Su-33. Improved sounds for several aircraft including the F-15C and Su-27. DCS: A-10C Warthog LITENING TGP masking logic has been restored. Corrected MFCD start-up screen wrong color. Fixed AI wingman failing to engage target at Player SPI if AI is not aware/in range of target. Fixed LASTE Wind Edit data entry. Fixed Gun Minimum Range Cue Behavior. Fixed HUD Air speed indicator will TAS in GS mode. HSI course knob will now rotate the course pointer with or without power. Turn Rate Indicator has been calibrated. Fixed the CDU Wind Indication Direction being reversed. Several A-10 callsigns have been corrected. DCS: P-51D Mustang Escort task added to the P-51D. Corrected incorrect fairing door animation. Fixed chassis damage after press RAlt+J on the ground. Fixed DXrenderer error in dsc.log with serial numbers and pilot textures. Fixed demo track 'takeoff-demo.trk'. Fixed error when in-game manual is selected. Fixed drop tanks of P-51D are not synchronized in Multiplayer. Flaming Cliffs 3 This will be the final release version. Price will change to $49.99. Added kneeboard input to flyable aircraft. MiG-29S TWS2 mode is now fixed. Added intro image to Su-33 "Sea Dragon" campaign. A-10A AOA Indexer now works. Corrected some minor issues with the new 3D Su-27 model. Corrected wingmen maneuvers when turning. Fixed wingmen not turning off radar when commanded to do so. Fixed Su-27 campaign mission typos. Pilot models are now correct. Fixed F-15C Fuel Tank Pylon indication on MFD. Fixed tanker not filling external F-15C fuel tanks. Fixed Su-33 getting stuck near island on the Kuznetsov deck. Corrected MiG-29 HUD indications. DCS: Combined Arms Replaced the old generic gun sight with a new one. Adjusted some generic HUD symbology. Fixed player controlled MLRS reloading troubles. Fixed units not resuming previous movement after player takes control. Fixed air defense units with HOLD FIRE ROE not going from ALARM STATE RED to ALARM STATE GREEN when commanded. Added option for Automatic Transmission in CA Special Options. Adjusted the drag factor of Russian AP tank shells. Fixed ability to set the Ready state of AI flights. Fixed ground unit control HUD compass missing from the wide displays. Fixed Alarm State Green for radars revealing radar targets. Adjusted M1A2 side armor. "F10" view. AI aircraft can now land based on ground force commander commands. Fixed night vision only being available off/on outside of binocular view. Fixed the Go To command. Fixed Chaparral target lock issue. Axis controls for ground units implemented. DCS: Black Shark 2 Corrected missing Ka-50 textures in some missions. Fixed Ka-50 wingman calls "engaging enemy air defenses" while evading incoming missile. Fixed Ka-50 training missions showing in training section, as they are only available through the download link. And of course... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz3Cc7wlfkI
  6. Sorry folks, should've posted this here first (instead of the LOMAC forum). Looking east at the sun from the cockpit of a Su-27 from the latest Flaming Cliffs 3 beta. Realistic Sun mod 1.2.4 by PeterP.
  7. Looking east at the sun from the cockpit of a Su-27 from the latest Flaming Cliffs 3.
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