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Found 1 result

  1. I knew the ranks were getting pretty thin around here, but I just did a little investigating and it's worse than I thought. Why was I interested? I needed one or two more victims characters in Exiled and was surprised at the few remaining regulars. Canuck last posted in 2013. I know he can't hang about with us lowlifes any more, being a senior officer in the Forces and all, but it would be nice to hear how he's doing. Does anyone know? Zhukov, Ogdens, and Spectre all posted last in 2014. Spectre is a serious loss as he was my standard villain for a long time. Stag hasn't been here since 2015, although he may be doing the ARMA thing. Chopper dropped by in 2016 and hasn't been seen since. Geg posted last month. Archie and Red were here back in July. Hopefully they'll still show up every now and then. There are others. Some I would have sworn were on board within the last two or three years, but their last post was eight to ten years ago. So much for my memory. Of course, there are always those fictional regulars. Anubis is useful when he's not busy fleecing the Priest of Set. Those clowns really don't understand poker. Giselle was around for a long time in the beginning, but she and I have sort of drifted apart. Fick is becoming useful, since he's the figment of some Simian's imagination. He certainly makes a good golem, even with the multiple personality disorder. OG
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