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Found 1 result

  1. Narsilion Members, Those of you who received the latest LotRO newsletter are aware that Turbine is consolidating the existing US servers to 5 servers as part of a hardware upgrade. According to this announcement, Windfola is one of those servers on the chopping block. We can choose from 5 servers: Arkenstone Crickhollow Landroval Gladden Brandywine (though currently impacted and may not be open for transfer) I have attached a survey to this thread; please place your vote(s). I have allowed multiple votes if you have a preference for a number of servers. EDIT: Also, please post your rationale for your server choice. When I get an in-game email stating that I can transfer the kinship to another server, I will make the announcement here, and then close the poll shortly after and move the kinship to the server with the most votes. Since we will also need a new crash pad, I will entertain moving it from the Shire to the other three housing locations if there is enough interest. Otherwise, I will try to get the same house, combing the neighborhoods to see what's available. Once I have migrated the kinship, I will post as much in this topic, and then you all can migrate to to the same server. We will retain our upkeep payments, storage options, and decorations will be in escrow until we decorate the new digs. If anybody has any other suggestions or concerns, please post them. I want to move us with as little drama as possible. Regards, Hammerwulf
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