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Found 4 results

  1. To what degree do you think that FBW systems are exaggerated (too good) in sims like in DCS world, Falcon 4 or TAW?
  2. One of the main reasons of me quitting Falcon4:AF was the sheer amount of AG missions on the F-16 that made me sick; not even skunk works' mod fixed it. Whenever I plan to attack a SAM site, I enter the threat circle diagonally since the F-16 with AG weapons can't turn properly for missile evasions; I end up having 2 or more runs before actually attacking since using my team mates as a bait is more resource and score punishing than TAW when it comes to squadron survival. Not to mention the mysterious squad AI stubborness to not attack the AA guns near the SAM sites even after giving it weapons free command and requests permission to attack over and over...
  3. As an certified Cesna seat warmer, I noticed that in case of uneven weight distribution on the wings, then banking while keeping the heavier wing bellow should spread air frame stress and improve handling since the center of gravity is still closer to the aircraft. I tried this in F4AF, TAW2 and DCS without feeling difference; am I missing something? I thought of it as two tether balls moving counter-clockwise while the one farther is dismounted, the stress and center of gravity should be closer to the center.
  4. There's the awesome manual and the training missions but some questions are still in my mind while starting to play: When I ask the AWACS for the next re-fuelling plane or a near airport it tells me many coordinates and directions, but I can't allocate each one to find the right direction. How do I use the coordinates given for my correct approach? I remember one problem I had in each ADF campaign mission: The fuel. I never finished one single campaign mission of ADF because my fuel was running out at some waypoint. If I remember correctly there were no airports / refuel planes near. Is that correct? How can I do it right? Thank you for your help. We may gather further questions here to.
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