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Found 1 result

  1. Old Guy

    OG wanders into DCS World

    Okay, so I downloaded DCS World and started into the learning cliff (some call it a curve -- NOT!). Now that I've successfully turned several TF-51 aircraft into aluminum waste, I have to say the sim is likeable, if complex. I did have some problems with the taxi and takeoff tutorials. In the taxi lesson the vehicle you're supposed to follow never appears until you're already rolling past the first taxiway. I ran it three times before I gave up on the vehicle and just . . . taxied. In the takeoff tutorial the throttle inputs were courtesy the numpad + and - buttons, which would have been okay except each press of the key applied way too much throttle. Again, after several failed attempts, I disregarded the instructor and took off on my own. Successfully. Clearly, as far as general feel for the controls in concerned, previous flight sim experience helps. The DCS World section on Csim is quiet. Not much going on there. Where is the best place to link up with other players -- other than the DCS forums? What about a controller? I'm using a TM Flight stick X. I'm sure there's something better out there. Is anyone actually making an FF stick? The game supports FF. My old Microsoft FF stick expired long ago. I'm off to do some reading and research. OG