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Found 3 results

  1. New stuff is coming for WWIIOL this year. The dev team (The Rats) are expanding their capabilities, learning the ins and outs of the old engine, so they can add and change things. Plus, they're beginning plans for WWIIOL 2.0! BIG things are happening!!!!! http://www.wwiionline.com/roadmap By the way, if you haven't been ingame in a while, come see the new stuff already ingame. The latest additions, SPAA (self-propelled anti-aircraft) units, are ingame and are a BIG hit. The tankbusters (ground attack aircraft) are going to be ingame soon! -Irish
  2. I have played this game for ages, but still don't know how to operate reconnaissance devices. The game asks me to take photos and/or to send them via direct link to the carrier. Nevertheless, there is no way I can think of to operate those devices. I am playing the 1999 version, using the keyboard and mouse . So perhaps this is a bug and those reconnaissance features are not implemented (only a shell without function) and to be introduced later [in 2001] in the Gold edition. Also it is possible that for operating them, some specific joysticks are needed. Ple
  3. Being a long-time old school flight sim fan, I've decided to make a list of playable demo versions of DOS flight sims that can be found on the net. This is probably still incomplete, and includes a variety of original internet downloads as well as special CD releases*: Air Power: Battle in the Skies Aircraft: various (fictional) Developer: Rowan Software Publisher: Mindscape International Type: Playable & Self-Running Demo MobyGames: link Download: INSTALL.EXE Download (later demo): APDEMO.EXE Air Warrior Aircraft: various (WWII era) Developer: Kesmai Corporation Publisher:
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