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Found 1 result

  1. EDIT: These skins are now available for the Su-33. Feel free to trap in style! Su-27 Volume I: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-27 Volume II: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-27 Volume III: Adversaries CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-33 Volume I: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Su-33 Volume II: CombatAce LOF DCS Repository Inspired by some of Clave's fantasy artwork, I decided to skin the Su-27 for the US Navy. So far I have done the VF-21 Freelancers and the VF-124 Gunfighters. A number of markings have been Westernized ("NO STEP" instructions replacing the Russian "X", intake warnings, ejection seat and rescue markings, etc.). I deviated to a degree from the artwork, and I have done CAG, CO, and Line skins (though no CAG skin for VF-124, which was a RAG and was not part of an operational Carrier Air Wing). Some shots of the VF-124 CO bird: And the VF-124 Line Bird: And here are the skins for VF-21, starting with the CAG bird. I took a few liberties with Clave's idea and opted for the CVW-5 version of VF-21 with different paint schemes from the artwork. Here's the CO bird. Not quite as flashy as the CAG bird. And the line bird: All Su-27 USN skins have custom pilot graphics with western flight suits and squadron patches. I'm still working on the Jolly Rogers (though it will be VF-103 and not VF-84 as depicted in Clave's art; this is homage to my deployment with CVW-17 in 2000). I plan to do a CAG bird, line bird, and the CO bird in its 2000 Christmas theme.
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