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Found 4 results

  1. Current Version: 2.30 Total Air War 2.0 is a total conversion of F-22 Total Air War (TAW), and also includes the campaigns from F-22 Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) and the Red Sea Operations (RSO) expansion disc. The goal of TAW 2.0 is to provide a simulation experience that equals or surpasses your fond memories with the original ADF and TAW. TAW 2.30 provides compatibility with newer operating systems without requiring Windows XP Compatibility Mode. Barring bugs or major breakthroughs, this is expected to the the last release for a while. However, if anybody has something they would like to contribute (such as checklists, documents, campaigns, or additional mirrors) I can very easily create an installer for it and add it to the links below. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/taw/images/d/d1/1kdload.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/270?cb=20150821023440 Total Air War 2.0 Features Incorporated Head-Tracking (TrackIR and Freetrack) Full Red Sea Operations (RSO) campaigns, 36 missions (also available in multiplayer) 30 custom missions 3 custom campaigns, 28 missions Additional multiplayer missions, including three new head to head scenarios Improved terrain and new color palettes completely redefine the look of TAW Numerous improved selectable F-22 skins, to include the YF-22, the Nightstalker, and Woodland, Urban, and Desert camouflage patterns Added Desert Flightsuit textures and improved in-cockpit textures Improved, more realistic, and selectable default MFDs and HUD Additional USAF tail flashes and custom tail logos Formation lighting for low light F-22 skins Improved MIDI support for Windows XP and more recent operating systems Mod Management, Configuration, References, and the Mission Editor (TAWBC) are all accessible from a single integrated menu Configuration now allows you to choose your renderer, resolution, and Glide wrapper (if applicable) from the menu Fullscreen and Widescreen versions now selectable. Full integration with TAW Battle Commander (TAWBC) provides slots with dynamic mission titles for your generated missions within the TAW mission menus TAWBC Mission Enhancement Utility (TME) allows you to automatically enhance your TAWBC missions Cloud enhancement and Weather Editor, including Overcast weather for Glide users Ability to change between NVGs and natural light while zoomed into an MFD (Windows XP and later) Enhanced Avionics functionality Improved Level of Detail Improved realistic Moon and Sun sizes East/West palettes with Glide renderer allow for more natural light transitions during morning and twilight hours Custom playlists available for in-game playback (includes EF2000 Soundtrack) "Nostalgia Mod" brings the graphics, sounds, and HUD/Cockpit back to 1998 standards Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements Downloads TAW 2.30 Full Installer (Choose a mirror) Google Drive Krishty (EU) Optional Soundtracks (available for use with the Playlist Function) TFX Soundtrack (Roland MT32) Box.com MediaFire Google Drive Krishty (EU) TFX Soundtrack (Soundblaster 16) Box.com MediaFire Google Drive Krishty (EU) Known Issues Antivirus False Positives: The NVGTool by Eagle_Flight (that allows you to look at the MFDs while NVGs are enabled) was created by a game cheat tool, and because it performs "virus like behavior" (it intercepts and replaces values in RAM registers) it may get quarantined by your antivirus. This is a false positive, and you should create an exception for nvgtool.exe (located in your main TAW 2.0 folder). Likewise, if you choose not to use NVGTool, you can uncheck the appropriate checkbox on the Configuration menu in the TAW 2.0 Launcher. Additionally, antivirus programs that use heuristic analysis (e.g. reputation by volume, certification, et al) are likely to flag or quarantine this download, at least until we can get a healthy dose of downloads to settle the heuristic algorithms.. Just please be aware of this if you see the download flagged by your antivirus. Legacy Windows XP Compatibility Mode: If you had a previously installed version of TAW 2.0, you likely had registry entries that set the TAW 2.0 Launcher to run in Windows XP Compatibility mode. This requirement has been removed with TAW 2.30 in order to ensure compatibility with Windows 8 and (hopefully) Windows 10. While the installer has instructions to remove any legacy registry entries, please check to see that the registry entries were removed. To do this, right click on your TAW 2.0 icon, select Properties, then select the "Compatibility" tab. If the installer did its job properly you should see the following dialog with no boxes checked. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v637/madgonzo/F-22%20TAW/Beta%20and%20Upcoming/taw_shortcut_compat_zps724e7a46.jpg If XP Compatiblity mode is still checked, be sure to uncheck it. If it is checked and greyed out, you will need to click the "Change Settings for all users" button and uncheck it from within administrator mode.
  2. Hot on the heels of the TAW 2.30 final release, I've released my Total Air War TARGET profile v2.0 (Box.com). This profile integrates either the HOTAS Cougar or the HOTAS Warthog with the Cougar MFDs, though you can use this profile without the MFDs and still get over 90% of the functionality. Note: Version 2.0 of this profile is also included with TAW 2.30. Features of this profile include: Compatibility with both the Cougar and Warthog Context sensitive command mapping to switches emulate discrete settings as much as possible. CommState routine allows for the selection of 1 through 8 with Hats 2 and 3 while the COMM switch is pressed. More precisely-mapped throttle allows linear function on both sides of afterburner detent, with throttle frozen at “MIL” while within limits of the afterburner detent. Autopilot routine that can be discretely engaged or disengaged from any mode. LED indications for autopilot, airbrake, landing gear, Bomb Bay Doors, CommSwitch, and Teamspeak3 PTT. Compatible with VAC. HAT1 can be POV or Trim, but always slews LANTIRN when zoomed into a MFD. HOTAS mappings set to match F-16C and MFDs to in-game F-22 as closely as possible. Intelligent EMCON and Radio functions allow flexibility and logic with cycling and discretely selecting options. Refueling mode that dampens controller response for operations close to the tanker. Optional differential braking even without toe brakes on your rudder pedals. The control mappings differ from the Foxy profile to some extent, but this is because I no longer have to shoehorn every function onto a hat switch. The use of context sensitive switches, TEMPO commands, and the MFDs mean that I can make a more logical layout and actually increase the functionality of the profile. Here is the HOTAS Cougar layout: Here is the Warthog layout: Finally, the MFD inserts: Obviously, I have many more MFD buttons I can use, and since I've utilized all default positions for which there is a hotkey, I'm open to suggestions on how to fill the rest of the space. Future development plans include the ability to use the Cougar MFD controller for the individual buttons while zoomed into a display. This is doable in TARGET, but currently doesn't work well with upconverted display resolutions (e.g. 800x600 expanded to 1920x1080 via Glide wrapper). I look forward to your feedback; any information that will help me improve this profile is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you everyone in advance - i am sure you get these all the time. I have been lurking in forums and drooling at screen shots for 20 years. I used to actually beta test for Jane's adn Andy Hollis (Apache), EF2000 (anyone remember "LawnDarting(tm)" bug?), TAW, and some activision games. At my height I had (still have) the original thrusmaster sticks with that ancient joystick plug. I also loved Jane's Sims and the arcade ones too. Why I loved EF2000/TAW: Dynamic Campaign. The idea in these missions what you did and your AI counterparts mattered - why I obsessively tried to help DID figure out why your AI buddies would commit suicide. So what I want: Amazing 2016 graphics adn EF2000/TAW. Some learning curve, but minimal. Good flight model but no need to press 100 buttons to start the engine, but want the physics modeled fairly well (no ACE combat) I think Flaming Cliffs 3 would be too daunting. I doubt could run that with a gamepad like a xbox? System: i7/3770 16GB GTX970 70" TV Wireless Gamepad (XBOX), Wierles Keyboard and mouse. X52 in a box! Never used! I found my x45 in a sealed box! I have that also. Maybe could get a long USB to my couch... Any suggestions?? For sure modern combat...
  4. Yes, D3D9 effects are possible in TAW with the use of a D3D9 Injector called SweetFX. I have tested this to work with both nGlide and dgVoodoo in D3D9 mode. The program can also be installed in the TAW folder and not have any adverse effects when using the D3D EXE (which is D3D5) or dgVoodoo in D3D7 mode. Here are some comparative screenshots taken at 1000 game time. I used nGlide with 1.1 Gamma, so the "before" screenshots may look a little bleached. I went a bit overboard on Vibrance, Bloom, and HDR in order to demonstrate the capabilities. I also noticed no drop at all in frames while running with these enhancements, even with SMAA antialiasing at ultra. A screenshot of the F-22 in the sun: And after SweetFX is loaded: You can really see the lighting effects on the clouds and haze. Here's the F-22 above the cloud layer. The lens flare is offset in this image. And with SweetFX, you can see the lens flare is more extreme (I did go overboard on the lighting, so this is expected). Here's the F-22 above the cloud layer, with the haze in the background and the ground underneath. And with SweetFX the haze layer is less "band like". Finally, the F-22 near the mountains. And with SweetFX: One thing the screenshots don't convey is the more dynamic environment. The haze band, while still prominent, appears more dynamic with more moisture content, and looks less like it's supposed to cover up unrendered tiles. The SweetFX can be found at guru3d, and utilities to do on the fly configuration can be found in this thread. Keep in mind that if you do this in TAW, you need to be using one of the Glide wrappers in D3D9, and you need to go to the map screen or the options screen (keypad . or Shift-O) before alt-tabbing out of TAW to change your settings. I don't have the time or the patience to tweak with this from scratch, and I don't know what half of the settings do anyway. I encourage enterprising folks out there to create TAW profiles and submit them in this thread (they are text files, so you could just submit the content in the post using code tags). Once we get some profiles we like (and we can have as many as we want) we will add this functionality directly into the launcher. Please, get those profiles rolling in!
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