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The International Dogfighting League just started its 2nd season. It is open to all virtual pilots around the world. The new season started on July 1, 2006. It is very easy to sign up, and the install is Allied Force version 1.07. All experience and skill levels are welcome. Registration will remain open throughout the season. It is NEVER TOO LATE. You can sign up NOW at:


An extremely successful Season 1 concluded on June 30, 2006. The IDL currently has pilots of all skill levels, from dozens of countries around the world. From the U.S.A. to Turkey, from Israel to Canada, from Germany to Australia, from Italy to the U.K, from Greece to France, from Belgium to Italy and more.... With more than 300 registered pilots, the IDL's Season 1 1v1 ladder averaged more than 60 active pilots. The IDL's 2v2 ladder averaged more than 10 teams consisting of more than 30 pilots. Season 2 is starting even larger on both the 1v1 and 2v2 ladders !!!

Since I started dogfighting on the IDL ladder, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to learn from, and fly with, some of the most experienced Falcon pilots in the world. I have been flying Falcon for about 3 years, and I must say that by flying on the IDL ladder, I have learned a great deal more about the avionics of the F-16, BFM, dogfighting, missile evasion techniques, as well as, being on the cutting edge of new developements of the Allied Force Sim.

Whether you fly Falcon everyday or whether who dont have a lot of extra time to spend flying the Falcon Sim, the IDL is perfect for you. IDL rules permit challenged pilots up to 8 days from the date of the challenge to fly the match. The matches consist of 3 types of engagements: guns only, rear apect missles (Aim 9's) and BVR (with Aim-120's). The typical match takes about 45 minutes. To learn more or JOIN THE FUN, go to:


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