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The Snowbirds just flew over my house!

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No! Not a 747 full of retired people heading to Florida...The Snowbirds, Canada's 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.


Because today is the opening day of the Calgary Stampede, I guess the organizers thought it might be nice to have the Snowbirds do their thing right over the big Stampede parade going on downtown that kicks things off. Gail and I live about 16 blocks from the parade route, so we were just sitting in the kitchen enjoying a cuppa, when suddenly...Whhhoooooooooooooosh!

We ran out into the backyard but couldn't see anything. I thought it was probably a CF-18 that had just taken off from the airport. Normally, when that happens, and the pilot's route takes him over our house, even if we hear the whooosh, you can't get outside quick enough to see it because it's long gone by the time you hear the sound.

We were just about to head back into the house when I saw this big diamond formation of nine planes circling off to the North, but no sound could be heard. They banked left, and then the sound came back. What an amazing rumble! Nine jets in close formation...and they flew right over top of us! They circled three more times, each time coming right over our house. The last pass they had the throttles firewalled because they were done with the show and were heading out of town. Awesome!

That was fun! Too bad I didn't have my camera :D

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LMAO @ OG! :thumbsup:

Those are homegrown Canadair CL-41 Tutors.....I got some great shots of them back in the early

90s when they flew at Warner Robbins AFB in Ga. They can do alot of neat stuff in those things

that are kinda impractical in larger, faster planes (like 9 plane diamond-the Red Arrows do the

same thing in their Hawks).

A good argument for keeping a cam around with a good zoom lens. I keep one ready to go all the

time. B)

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