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Can a CH Yoke and pedals be used in a racer?


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Just got sent a CH Suite of thingmies for test and review.

The Throttle Quadrant, as nicely written about by Paddles, works well with the Yoke and Pedals in simulations.

I downloaded the demo of NFS:MW, but that big ol' 566MB buggar freaked when I tried to get it going in game.

So, does anyone know of a good driving sim that will let you program it IN GAME? I don't want to have to learn the CH

Manager, as there are deadlines, and it looks like a degree in geekery is needed.


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Hmmm? Have you tried downloading Live For Speed?

Here's the URL: http://www.liveforspeed.net/

I'm pretty sure everything can be programmed in-game.

If that doesn't work, try the demo for NetKar Pro:


It's an advanced sim, but I had a hell of a time programming my sticks in the game, but you can do it, you just have to hold your tongue right.


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Thanks for the suggestiuons Doug, but I had to go out with the wife last night, so wandered over to the PC game

area. Tiny little place these days. Saw an EA title, Nascar SimRacing, on sale for $20 and grabbed it.

Nice, easy programming, in game. Click the option, move the controller, works well. Not something I'm gonna dedicate

my life to, but mildly amusing, and it goes to show the combo does work.

Cheers once more for the input...


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