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Any Slot Kar Vhizzerz out zhere?

Edwin Rommel

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Bag that, post `em up here for all to see!

Those Pro-X puppies are just too friggin' cool!

Here's one of my 1st car IRL;


A mini-MoPar car, how cool is that?

And we glommed on the same situ, Doug, them digitals have passing lanes, w00t!

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When I got back home last year one of the first things my friends wanted to do was set up a slot car track...it was really fun for them,but only sort of fun for me.The problem was that I had been spoiled...by TCR.

I can see the allure of slots if you have a lot of turns to even out the inside/outside lane thing,but with the slotless system you have craziness at every bend and really close races with occasional contact that the cars can handle.Just make sure that you have guard rails when you switch over to the outside lane or you'll go flying.

For some reason TCR never took off. But I love it.

EDIT: to say that Spectre's ride is very sharp.And that this digital thing seems really cool.

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