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Some pics...


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One of my all-time favorite sims.

This and the Tornado that pre-dates this, by the same folks, were inspired.

They had gameplay features so ahead of their time you still don't see them. Like the ALARM with loiter, the TIALD that you can watch

as the GBU rips in and tears the target up!

And the campaign systems for both were second to none.

I'm pretty sure i have the Strategy Guide somewhere in my komputer kloset of khaos, as I had to pitch the old boxes, but the wife could

not force the tossing of books! :)

Excellent 1st pair of posts, so a hearty welcome to ya MGonzales!

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Thanks, guys. I'm really just getting into EF2000 and two other old sims from the same developer...



BTW, I drive with a Saitek X52 now.

I also have the F22 ADF/TAW Strategy Guide on the way. For whatever reasons these sims have clicked with me like no other, graphics be damned. I like playing them both because they contrast each other so well (from a/c to theater). I too wish there was just a graphics update to EF2000 available.



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Oh, and I can't thank CombatSim enough for keeping the archived documents available for these DID sims. I REALLY appreciate that, as well as the archived forums (lots of good info there too).

SimHQ is my virtual home and I know there’s some friction there but that's none of my business, I appreciate both boards and I'm just glad there's a place like CombatSim that still keeps archives for these old sims. I became a paying customer just for those resources (then it became free, of course).

Many thanks CombatSim!



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Hey Mark,

Sorry I missed your last reply here.

Nice to know you were one of the folks who subscribed and helped us get through the bubble burst of 1999 :D Thank you!

Keeping the old articles available on the web is kind of a sacred trust (at least I feel that way). I just wish I had the time to sort through all the old content and get it better organized...but there's just too much of it!

You've got some real treasures there with all those old EF2K manuals and strategy guides. Hang on to them, who knows what they'll be worth in another ten years, eh?


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My DID collection is now more or less complete...


Hi-res pic...


But these are the real gems in my "new" collection...


Higher-res pic...


Dated graphics and FMs be damned, I've never enjoyed flight simming so much since Microprose's F-117 Stealth Fighter! I'm really just getting started with these sims and will be playing them for a long long time. :)



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