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Montery Historics

neddie seagoon

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I spent last weekend at Laguna Seca and Pebble Beach for the Historic car races and the Concourse. If you're a car nut you already know what that means. It means Automobile Heaven. I took over 500 photos, you gotta love digital cameras. Not all were of the cars, it was after all a family vacation, but most were. And before you shout "Family vacation, my eye!" you need to know that Carmel is the world's capital for small boutique shops, so the wife and daughter had lots to do while the boys played.

Some of my favorites:

Cooper was the featured Marque at the races this year so here are a couple of early 60's F1 Coopers. Stirling Moss was here signing autographs. The line went around the block, so I didn't bother, too much else to see.



A couple of views of the Ferrari 312 F1 car from '67. You GPL drivers will recognize this car. I didn't see it actually run, not sure why.




Here's the '69 version. I did see this car run. Sweet.



So I'm just standing around looking at the beautous cars when a loud noise distracts me. Lucky for you I just happened to have my camera. The '66 version of Gurney's Eagle, to my eye the best looking F1 car ever.


And here she is in action, going through the corkscrew at speed. If you don't have the Laguna Seca track for GPL... Go get it! This is one of the toughest corners in all racing.


And the '69 Ferrari, right behind. These were from the morning practice session. The race results for this class ('67 - '72 F1 cars) were predictable, the newer cars being faster. But still...


Now here's something you don't see everyday, two, I know because I counted, Ferrari Enzos sitting parked at the curb in Carmel.


And, next day, on to the Concourse. You can read more about this car in this month's Car and Driver. It's a one off Ferrari Enzo, with a custom body by Pinanfarina. Styled to look like a 60's P3/P4 leMans racer. If you can see him, the short gent with the grey sweater around his shoulders is Jean Todt. He was there to introduce the new 599, which is the blue car just behind the P4/P5.


And my all time favorite car. The 1962, Short Wheelbase, Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. The last one of these that was available on the market was auctioned off at a cool $4 mil. I want one.


Hope you enjoyed the show, see you in Montery next year.

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Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! :D

I may have to take you up on your offer to join you in Montery next year :)

Those are absolutely fabulous pics, Neddie...well shot too, I might add :thumbsup:

Living in California certainly has its pluses now and then, eh? :)

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Thanks Mr. Paddles, thanks very much.

Yes indeed, California does, occasionally, have a benifit or two, but please, let's just keep that to ourselves shall we.

I'll let you know when the planning starts for next year's jaunt. Laguna Seca has thier own website, I'm sure they'll be posting next year's schedule in a few months.

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