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GPL Monza 10K Amazing!

The Dude

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Hey guys,

I like to dust off GPL every once in a while just to keep the cobwebs out of the exhaust, if you know what I mean :)

Anywho, I went to The Alternative GPL Track Database and found a THRILLING version of "The" Monza.

This is the full-on, 10,000 meter version of The Monza with the eponymously named high bank turns complete with realistic bumpiness. If you like GPL even a teensy bit, and you haven't tried this track yet, you must, must try it because it is a RUSH!

But be warned: the first, oh? fifteen times I tried, I couldn't complete a lap. I probably got catapulted off the banking, backwards! about ten times...just like Yves Montand in the movie Grand Prix. It's a byatch to master, but once you get it, there is NOTHING cooler than passing three other cars on the high side of the banking while you scoot down on the low side.

Tip: Try to stay low-ish on your exits of the highbank curves; if you don't, you'll hit the guard rail every time.

Here's some piccys:

Click for larger version:


Click for larger version:


You can get the track here: Page "M" at The Alternative GPL Track Database

The track is called: Monza 10k Italian Grand Prix There's a comment on its listing that says, "WOW! The Moza with accurate banking, width and bumpy!"

Just download the file anywhere onto your PC, then unzip it to some convenient spot, then double-click the .exe file. A dialogue asking you for the location of your GPL executable will come up. Find it, then hit install and it's done.

I really enjoy the Lotus on this track...it seems to be able to navigate the high-bank curves best for me, but your results may differ.

If for some reason you foolishly deleted the GPL 2004 demo (which is actually the full version, but with just a few tracks), you can get it from 3DGamers.

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Well, after you finish burying that "helpful" person's remains... ;)

Get the dang thing installed. I gave you the links. Hip! Hype! Hip! Hype!


Nyah,nyah,nyah! Still got mine installed,and with the updated rig it's gorgeous! Especially Monaco,and here's the link.


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Ah yes, Monte Carlo...probably the most technically demanding track in all of racing.

I have really got to be in the mood to race at Monte Carlo---the extreme concentration required is exhausting.

Think I'll stick with Monza, that's concentration enough for me.

I will download it and try it when I get back on my big rig.

Thanks for the link, Whizzer :thumbsup:

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