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Upgrade 2.05 ships!

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I know there is already a news item, but a) people might just come into this forum without looking at the news when searching for the newest upgrade B) I added a bit of more/different info.

For download links and a discussion see:

Shockwave Productions Inc. :: View topic - Battle of Britain II v.2.05 Update Released


It is a big update with almost 100 single changes affecting users, most of them fall into these rough categories:

- Even more bug fixes including CTD fixes.

- Improved FM, realistic spins (watch the Youtube video :)).

- Better AI.

- Further work on both visual and audio effects.

- Terrainwork.

- More general polish like tweaks to values and more bdg.txt options.

Besides the main 2.05 package that we recommend to any BoB2 user, there is the "MultiSkin" package. For each single engine fighter unit in game, the emblem, ID letters and base camouflage scheme are historically correct.

If you see a plane in game, you can tell what unit it is from and from which airfield they operate, we have maps you can print out showing all the schemes.

Look at these two threads to see which unit used which scheme:

Shockwave Productions Inc. :: View topic - Multiskin Shots thread (Luftwaffe)


Shockwave Productions Inc. :: View topic - Multiskin Shots thread (RAF)

The main reason to have MS extra is that it will not work on 64 MB video cards, as it would not fit at all and run out of memory.

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