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Schat... give us the low down


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Basically the mod team went completely crazy with it. In a good way.

I could go on and on about it but I just ate and feel like I'm gonna die, so instead you can take a look at the readme. Which is seriously an oldschool sort of manual. :D

GWX Manual Online

GWX Manual Download Version

There are 2 versions, the first is an online PDF, the other is a downloadable PDF. The zip clocks in at 17 megs and change, and the manual itself is 182 pages with apendices. Yeah the manual for the mod is bigger than the manual for SH III itself. ;)

They added in a ton of stuff, many (and I mean many) more ships and by that I mean both more ship traffic and also a bunch of new classes of both warships and cargo ships. They added in U-Boat flotillas in Greece, the Black Sea and in Singapore, as well as expanding some of the normal areas flotillas. The changed the damage model so ships can be sunk through either flooding, structural failure or even cargo cooking off and blowing the entire ship apart. There is a good timeline of the U-Boat war and list of operations outside the North Atlantic. The graphics are improved, the sky is just amazing. The list goes on and on, check out the manual, you won't be disappointed. :thumbsup:

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And if you install SH III Commander, after you end a patrol and exit out you get something that looks like this...


01 Sep 1939

0910 Patrol 1

U-453, U-Flotilla Saltzwedel

Left at: September 1, 1939, 09:10

From: Wilhelmshaven

Mission Orders: Patrol grid BE67

03 Sep 1939

0137 BF 35 Ship sunk! S.S. Sea Nymph (Large Merchant), 11836 tons

0444 BF 35 Ship sunk! Fishing Boat, 83 tons

1113 BF 26 Ship sunk! PT-111 (Elco Torpedo Boat), 45 tons

09 Sep 1939

0514 AM 42 Ship sunk! Shasta (Pyro Ammunition ship), 5932 tons

1703 AM 18 Ship sunk! S.S. Petsamo (Small Merchant), 1724 tons

Patrol results

Crew losses: 1 wounded

Ships sunk: 5

Aircraft destroyed: 0

Patrol tonage: 19620 tons

Pretty nifty eh? Although it looks better through the program, that was a copy/paste of the Captain's Log option. You can also pull up a complete list of your crew that shows what all of their qualifications and medals are, etc. Also you can promote and distribute medals and qualifications through SHIII Commander to your crew. With doing quals this way not only can each officer have 3 qualifications but the highest rank Petty Officers can as well, all other POs can get the standard 1 qualification, and you can even put qualifications (1 each) on your seamen. I don't know how much added effect you get for qualifying a seaman, but having everyone have a qual icon makes it easier to know which guy goes where when you're shuffling crew between the berths and the work areas. I wrote down how many of each sort I wanted for each area, qualified them all out and now it's easy knowing which guy should go where if I need to pull guys out temporarilly for damage control or what have you.

Basically to go All The Bells and Whistles currently all you need is:

1) Clean install of SHIII

2) Patch to 1.04b

3) Install and configure GWX

4) Install and configure SH III Commander

That's it. Beats the old days when we had to sort through 200 different mods just to tweak it here and tweak it there. You can still add graphics and sound mods on top of GWX, but honestly there's really not a whole lot of reason to do so. GWX is pretty much the complete package. When you add in SHIII Commander, you get a detailed career background for your careers, patrol logs with the actual ships names of things you sunk, can change all manner of built in mods right through that one program. It's almost as easy as falling off a log. :icon_bow:

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Whiz... I have a dvd drive in my old box if you want it and feel ok about installing it yourself...

Schat... this download for the mod is going to take a couple of days.. that manual is awesome. All the new ships will make this so worth while. Time for some multiplay

Deacon,that's really nice of you,but is it CD/DVD or just DVD? I really need both in one,to be able to play all the other games. I'll be happy to pay the postage if I can use it.

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its plays both... but you don't need to take out your current cd drive unless you don't have room on case or on motherboard.

Yep,I just checked and I have another bay I can use! No problem on the install. I'll be happy to pay the senior discount price on it,Deac,if you so desire,so let me know.

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Also Whizzers when you go to do the DVD thing make sure ahead of time you find the Starforce Removal Tool and run it right after you install SH III. You should be able to find it on Google. Starforce does evil things to some DVD drives...which is why my DVD/CD rewritable drive has been just a CD-ROM for the past year or so. Grrrrrr.

Oddly enough it still plays computer game DVDs for installing and whatnot, but doesn't play normal movie DVDs anymore, and it won't even burn a CD let alone a DVD anymore. Did I mention grrrr?

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Canucklehead has SH III too, and Cfran, and...I'm sure a couple other guys. We should Wolfpack a convoy sometime. :D

But lemme tell you the DDs in GWX are no joke. I ran a few test campaigns just to see how things were in diferent areas in different years and it was pretty interesting. First off warships will shoot at your scope if they have radar late in the war. And lemme tell you a few hits around where your boat is from a cruiser's gun is no laughing matter. Also the merchants are armed more heavilly than in stock, in the Med I ran into a couple of Greek ships that were heavilly armed, pissed off, and had pretty good gunlayers too. Surfacing against a warship to try to get into a gunfight with one is in no way an option anymore, and even some merchants will ring your bell if you're not careful on the roof.

But it's not all gloom and doom either, the enemy sensors are much more realistic now. I was out in the Western Approaches in stormy seas on the surface, we're talking overcast, heavy rain, some lightning and 15 knot windspeeds, thankfully no fog though and it was night; when the next thing I know my watch officer tells me we have a warship at close range. I was like,"Ohhhh craaaaaap." So I swung around the UZO to take a look and had him estimate range for me, here it was a V&W DD at 2,200 meters! Now that's close. And he never saw me. Which is accurate from what I've read about how hard it was to spot U-boats at night visually, especially in rough seas. Since it was '39 he didn't have any radar so I decided to see how close I could get without being spotted. I crept in on him, since he was around 30 degrees off my port bow, and got to 800 meters without him seeing me, I would have tried to see if I could get closer when all of a sudden the watch officer went crazy with ship sightings, here he was the point for a convoy! So I dove and engaged the convoy, he had a hell of a time tying to track me and the only depth charges he dropped were over 1000 meters away from my actual location. So it seems that the GWX guys really did a good job with the sensors since rough water degrades hydrophones too.

He didn't have radar, didn't actively ping me, so it was fairly accurate for a '39 attack as they were in history. In stock SH III if you get within 5000 or so meters of a DD on the surface he will see you everytime no matter what the visibility conditions are even without radar. The hydrophones being mucked up by the sea state was an added bonus too. But trust me later in the war when radar is out watch out, I had a US cruiser fire on me when I was in the Tasmanian Sea checking out the Far Eastern flotilla from an astounding 12,000 meters! And he bracketed me! You do not wanna dick with warships on the surface anytime, but when they get the good radar packages you're screwed. He nailed me with his 2nd salvo as I was diving because a Type IXD2 has a looooooong dive time.

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Let me get over this flu and you're on Canuck. :thumbsup:

When the Skipper and I did SH III MP we had to use Hamachi because going any other route was sort of a pain in the posterior, but Hamachi is pretty easy to set up, basically it fools games into thinking all of the computers are on the same LAN. Pretty nifty actually.

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