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An amazing change of circumstances...


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As many of you know my divorce was final November 9th. It wasn't something I wanted but the strain of the last 5 years forced an inevitable outcome, I was living a half hour from the kids and not seeing much of them due to my work schedule. I was deeply unhappy and utterly fed up with the whole thing. I'd thought about returning to Blighty where my family and long-time friends were but I just couldn't be away from the kids.

Things between my ex-wife and I suddenly started to improve over the last 3 weeks to the point where we started laughing and having fun together and after a long heart to heart we have decided to try and work things out. She has asked me to move back in again, with my own room for now, and pool our resources and possibly remarry!! It's a shame we had to go to these lengths to realise how much we still care for each other and I am sure we'll need some form of outside guidance but we are really willing to do what it takes to live a normal family life..if there is such a thing these days?!!

So, I'm packing as we speak and I'm really, really looking forward to Christmas..I feel a bit like George Bailey getting his life back and I can tell you for sure, It's a Wonderful Life!!

Happy Christmas my friends!


aka Mick Heath

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What wonderful news for Christmas! There is so much an old fart like me could say to you,Oggie,but we all have to find our own way,I guess. Please remember whos Birthday we're celebrating,and keep Him in your relationship as a loving partner. God bless you both,my friend!

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Mick, that is good news indeed! I hope you and Honeypops can get it worked out. Marriage is a constant daily job that needs work on both sides. Take it from a two-time looser. I know. Lottie and I will be keeping both you and Dawn and the boys in our thoughts. :)

One question though...

Does this mean I have to cancel my date with Dawn now? :P:D

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