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CSim worth nearly a million?

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our friendly SIMHQ.com is worth... umm.... <cough> $87.

ehehhehehehehhohohohohoh <cough> That's not respecting SIMHQ. Of all people, I should know better. SIMHQ.COM is definitely worth more than $87.

$87.50? Anyone? Anyone? Do I hear $87.50? Going once....

GAMESPY - $1.5 Million.

UGO.COM - $220k (yikes) :o

FRUGALSWORLD - a very respectable $87k


Wargamer.com - $740k (niiice)

IGN.COM - $15 MILLION dollars.


Microsoft & IBM - ~$22 mil

great find geg. doesn't it make u feel good doug? :)

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I tested SimHQ.com and they were pegged at 1.9 million, more than twice my rating.

These ratings are rather silly, actually. The value of a domain is what someone is willing to pay for it: nothing more, nothing less. These values from Leapfish also don't take into innumerable intangibles that add or detract from a domain's value.

Did you try typing Wikipedia.com into the Leapfish search? I got a ridiculously low figure, and the reason why is probably because Yahoo.com will not return any Wikipedia results in its searches (I knew I hated Yahoo for a good reason, now I know what it is).

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