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So I was browsing GPL websites earlier, looking at all the mods for it. While I love that game to death, it has a very EAW quality about it.

As in, it was released a while ago, the graphics aren't flash by todays standards but it's a very solid game. With mods they're both terrific but somewhat limited in some respects.

Like in EAW AND GPL you have a set amount of flyable plane and driveable car slots.

So, I was thinking...if I wanted to get just one racing game to do all I wanted it to do (put in different mods side by side) which one would I buy?

I've got Richard Burns Rally but you can only add other rally cars...

I want something that does it all on PC :ph43r:

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Still a bit undecided. I have to get a new graphics card before I make any major purchases.

And I basically want the Strike Fighters of Car Racing - just add in any mod and use it :o I'm not entirely sure which is the best for that.

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If you don't mind racing fantasy cars (allbeit fantasy cars and car classes which bear a striking resemblance to real cars) on fantasy tracks (well laid out, beautifully textured tracks) then Live For Speed will appeal to you. You can download it (a meagre 112mb download) and play it in demo mode then if you like it just register it and unlock all the other content. Its mainly for online play and its really strong in that department, good in game server browser and because the game is not open to modding you know once you load it up you have everything right there to go racing, no downloading numerous add-ons etc. I'm sure you guys who play Strike Fighters have experienced a simlilar kind of thing, having to make sure you have all the same mod packs, planes etc. While modding can be fun it does have a downside and thats maintaining multiplayer compatibility. It has a variety of car classes which as I said above bear an uncanny resemblance in a lot of cases to real world cars such as the Formula XR class looking and racing like a formula 3 car, or the UF 1000 looking very much like an old type Mini. The LX4 and LX6 look like Caterhams and the sallon and hatchbacks could look like a multitude of real world cars in those classes. Live For Speed has nine tracks which offer different layouts including reverse layouts. Skinning cars is very easy, download a template, add colour/graphics then save it as a jpeg 1024x1024 and away you go! upload it to LFS World and then every online server you go into people will see your custom paint job. I've really got back into LFS recently as a friend has just bought a wheel and bought LFS.

OK so you said modding, well to me there is only one option out there if you want the best and thats rFactor. Like LFS you can download it and play in demo mode then unlock it and like LFS in its stock format it has fantasy cars and tracks again lookign much like real world cars and tracks out there. Online net code is about the best there is in any game which is why dev teams like Simbin use the engine for their GTR sims (GTR, GTR 2, GT Legends) Ok so its much like LFS in stock mode right and I said LFS was great right? well yes it is but where rFactor may interest you is the modding scene. To me its far more organised than any game out there with a site set up called rFactor Central which really is just a one stop shot for all your mod needs. Early mods were a little hit or miss as the mod community got to grips with the enginebut some real gems appeared such as the Euro F3 mod and the PCC 05 mod - (German Porsche Carrera Cup) the latter having input from the real world teams in the series to try and make it as accurate as possible. So successful was this mod its spawned its own sub mods as people re-create the Porsche Carrera cup from their own countries such as Asia and Britain. Since those early mods there have been some real corkers like the GP 1979 mod (GPL fans take a look!) which I'd have been happy to pay for, or the fun to drive Megane Trophy 2005 mod. I could list many many more mods (the F1 2005 mod springs to mind), my HDD is full of them and the many tracks converted and scratch built for rFactor. You only need to click on the link for rFactor Central and click on either the cars or tracks heading in the menu to see just how much is available for rFactor. Its really spawned into a modding monster. As I said though the downside is multiplayer compatibility. If you just want to load up a game and race then get Live For Speed but if you want a modders sim then get rFactor.

You may also want to look at GTR 2 which has a growing mod scene but its not nearly as good as rFactors mod scene and its mainly just track mods where as rFactor has mods for whole racing series. Its a great sim but a little more limited than rFactor.

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