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NASCAR RACING 2003 (Sierra/Papyrus)


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Hey Paul, just got back from vacation and saw this.

NASCAR setups, hmm. Start at Blackhole Motorsports and try also The Pits. Setups may be a bit hard to chase down at this point. You can also go to NR2KTracks for a bunch of info including a few really good setup guides that'll help get you going on your own setups. Which is where you want to end up at anyway.

My usual hangout for sim racing is Race Sim Central, but the NR2003 community there is not very active.

You can always ask here as well. A few of us still mess about with Papy sims.

Keep the shiny side up


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thanks for the reply ned, will check it out. yeah already got the moneys worth out of NR2003 long ago , just i lost all my setups and wondered where to find some out there. not that i'd race NR2003 as much thesedays , though it runs great on the newer PC's.

shinny side up, yeah right ! hahaaaa

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