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Newbie friendly Live For Speed server

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A friend of mine has recently rented a 23 player Live For Speed server which you can find online by the name 'Realhardware.co.uk' Its mainly populated by the guys I LAN party with and who are new to Live For Speed and racing sims in general (some of which have only just got wheels) If you'd like to drop in feel free. The server is based in Europe but we've had decent races with players from the US as the netcode is pretty good in LFS.

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The crazy fool gave me admin access to the server so if you want any specific tracks or cars setup let me know. I know how you Americans like to go around and around in circles ;) so I could setup the V8 F1 style cars on the Kyoto ring track but Blackwood is always a favourite which we normally run with the FOX formula 3 style cars which make for fun driving.

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