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Doug's OFP Ammo Crate, Weapon Pool, Respawn

The Dude

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Hi all,

Notwithstanding the fact that Armed Assault is now the defacto choice of former Operation Flashpoint: Resistance players and multiplayer groups, there's still a few of us old folks with less-than-bleeding-edge computers who still enjoy playing OFP.

As part of a recent revival of interest in OFP here at COMBATSIM.COM (thank you, Stag :)), I created an online utility that allows fans of OFP to create either a custom ammo crate or an in-briefing weapon pool and respawn script.

Why would I do such a thing when Chris' OFP Script Editor does the job brilliantly? Well, the primary reason was just to see if I could do it. The other reasons were, er? ... right, I guess that's the only reason.

Whereas Chris' utility does all sorts of wonderful things, including briefings, overviews, and adding music and such to your Description.ext file, my little online utility is just a lightweight tool makes an ammo crate or weapon pool script quickly, in a no-brainer step-by-step process, where you only have to pick the weapon and not the magazine (sorry, only standard mags, no JAM mags).

For now, both utilities feature the default OFP weapons (minus vehicle weapons) plus some of the more popular weapon packs, but more can be added. I think I'll just wait to see if anyone cares to use it before getting worried about adding more weapon packs.

My only concern about this utility is not if OFP gamers will actually find it useful, but that I've somehow trod on hallowed ground and should not have deigned to create such a thing...you never know with sim fans what will set them off, eh? If, on the other hand, it does meet with the community's approval simply because it's quick and easy-to-use, I'll be thrilled.

Okay, here are the utilities:

This is the feedback forum, so start feeding, er, back. :)

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Yes Doug, a marvelous pair of tools!

Great work, it's as simple as possible but no simpler. A triumph of intuitive software interaction.

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