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Post your EE2 bugs here

The Dude

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Welp, I must, unfortunately, report a few, shall we say, inconstancies.

While flying a couple of campaign missions in a Comanche, the Lebanon series, the one large airfield to the west, along the original DMZ, has some invisible

collision point. On my 2nd mission overall, 1st from the base, I was close to a building, but well over it, stopped dead from 20-30 mph, with an oil pressure warning.

Pressed on, and completed the mission OK.

Flew from there again, and after returning, was ambling long at a slightly quicker pace, right after I was cleared for landing. Squared up to cross a taxi-way and set down

in the helo pen when >thud< stopped dead, master warning, bitcihn' Betty, the works, as I slid down the transparent pole to an explosive crash!

There is some vagrant collision point/s out there. If you need to know the exact name, I can look it up at home. On this last mission, I used a small airfield to the

North and East to do some combat quick turns. I saw a pair of hornets land there, and approached some other aircraft parked there as well, but there were no

no runway or hangars at this small base. I was able to re-arm myself, and my wingmen, just as I recalled from EECH.

Lastly, I have seen a few Red transports on the map, but theyt are blue sided C-130's, on occasion.

More later, if stumbled across, and there is feedback as to receiving this one.

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Hello, it's me again.

I hope the folks are looking at this thread and all, as I hope I'm not spinning my wheels. Let it also be known that I have been a beta tester on a half dozen or so combat

simulations, so am a little bit practiced on it. Maybe too much so, some would say.

I found another bug today, and it's a biggie.

I am still plugging away in the Lebanon campaign, 10 missions so far, and we've captured Damascus airport. Started the move to the Northwest of there, pretty hilly,

and mountainous further on. Had a couple of flights taking grief, so after completing my mission, my wingie and I went to help out.

>Beep, beep< SAM has tagged us. I cannot get a Line of Sight for the shot, so I go up, to over 1,000 feet, and still nothing. He sees me, so I dive away popping chaff and flares.

I go into "semi-cheat" mode and hit F6, the only part visible of this SA-19 is the turret, as the tracks are underground! :huh:

Will have to avoid that area, I suppose. Shuffle further west, and get pinged again. Being no ones fool, I F6'd this guy, and he is TOTALLY underground! I lob a couple

of LOAL hellfires, hoping to dig him out. Nope. Apprach to within a few hundred meters, and blazed away with the chaingun. Was told I got hits a couple of times,

but when I got to within 200 meters, his 30mm's open up. I beat feet, took damage, and kept the trigger down. I did not kill him, nor he me, but I was hurtin'.

I do not recall having this issue with EECH/AH in the past.

I hope this helps...

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Well, shoot.

This thread, and the other "official" one have been up for 2+ weeks now, and not a peep from the developers.

I shot an email through the http://www.eech2.com site's Tech Support link, and asked them to stop by. Until one of these 3 venues yields some feedback,

I don't reckon I'll be posting any more feedback, as it doesn't seem they give a flying hoot...


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Well, I did receive the following reply to my query;

Thanks for letting us know. If it is on the official bug list on these

forums we will be attempting to get it fixed.

So, I'll toss another one in here. Power plant cooling towers cannot be selected as targets, making them difficult to take down. As these are usually on the

campaign listing of objectives, this is not a good thing.

I also replied to the above quote, requesting this be posted here and SimHQ, to let people know that they are not wasting their time posting them.

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Not really a bug, more of a gripe about the flight stick set-up. Did I miss something or have I got to program my joystick for the game. Not very intuitive set-up for the stick and can't program anything really to a stick or hotas.

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Well, with the good news, I shall resume.


I don't mean to be a one man wrecking crew, but do hope to see this rascal improved, as I really dug the original, and hope this one has some legs as well.

Went down to watch a flic with the wife, and had saved earlier as it got dark. I hated flying in the dark in the original, and feel the same way now, as it looks even

worse with the over done canopy refections.

Fired the last save up, and ratcheted the time up to triple, figuring the 2+ hours would see me through to dawn.

Came up during an intermission to cadge a smoke, and took a peek at the progress, was about 20 past midnight, things going badly for the blue side. Bummer.

Went back and watched the rest of Ghost Rider, and returned to a windows error message. EE2 has caused a fatal exception, send report? Sure, why not?

Dunno what it said, as those accompat.txt files are huge, so I just sent and let it rest in peace...

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Well, just to keep this running monologue rollin'...

The previous discoveries of badly height challenged vehicles and missing runways & hangars at small airfields seem related.

It became apparent that there is a disparity between the graphics height and vehicle/structure positioning when I tried a skirmish. I kept noticing helos kicking

up plumes of dust when approaching FARPS, and thought "neat effect," but it is not.

Back in EECH, the little PSP rectangles could be landed on to finish the mission. You roll onto them, and you'd go external, and the rotor brakes would come on,

mission complete. Now you can't see these mats, as they are underground. The AI is trying to get to them, but cannot, so they hover, just over the spot.

I came in to rearm/refuel, and left the AP on. It took me to a spot 10 feet off the ground. I hit the rotor-brake, and fell to earth, with slight damage. Upon doing

a Ctrl+Q to quit the mission, the same Comanche fired up, and did the dust plume dealio. As it was the last of only 4 AH-66's available in the skirmish, and was

not avaialble, I cannot continue.

Goofy things like hangars/runways, and Pierced Steel Planking can have a bigger effect than just looks...

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Ooo, ooo, it's not a monologue! :)

Yeah, I reckon I've done too many beta tests in my life, and it becomes ingrained.

I guess everybody else that mentioned getting are either;

A> Not having problems

2> Have only seen the ones already mentioned or

iii> I've scared `em off! :o

I just hope to hear the proffered announcement soon, concerning patch situations...

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I've not been able to get in as much time with it Spec as you have. I'm still trying to get past the whole getting airborne and getting to the target at more than 25 knots. So I've not seen the stuff you've seen, yet.

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