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Forza Motorsport 2


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I've been playing this for the last week or so since it was released here in the UK and enjoying it a lot. The physics and handling of the cars feels very realistic, comparable to the PC racing sim titles I own in many ways. Some players have said the single player campaign is a bit weak but I'm having a blast on the hardest skill level with all the driving aids turned off. Its an adictive game which makes you want to complete just one more race to earn credits to upgrade your car with optional performance parts with real world vendors like Brembo and Sparco listed. Online play is as you would expect on the 360 - flawless. The Xbox Live service is a joy to use and my only criticism would be it only has a maximum of 8 players, although I can't remember the last PC sim server I joined which had many more than that and with a group of friends + AI its a good laugh online especially with the built in voice comms.

Even though I'm playing online and playing through the single player element I've still not ouched on other features the game offers such as the paint shop to customise my cars and also the online auction house where I can auction off my 'pimped up' rides :) I thought maybe I'd not like the lack of a cockpit view but the bonnet view does a good job of giving me a realistic drivers eyeline and considering the game features over 300 fully licensed cars from a large number of different manufacturers I can forgive them for that. If you're looking for a decent racing game for your Xbox 360 then I highly recommend Forza 2 - you can also download a playable demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Hey Revvin',

Sorry I missed your post and took so long to reply.

I actually bought an X-box specifically for Forza Racing a year or so ago. Of course, I bought it about 20 minutes before they announced the X-box 360 :D

I really, really, didn't like the lack of a cockpit view. I mean, why? Why not have a cockpit view? The game is quite stellar except for that one thing. Oh, but wait, there's another thing...that friggin' thumbstick for steering. Ugh! Do you use the regular controller to steer or did you get a steering wheel? I'd sure like to try it with a steering wheel.

Graphics even on the first edition for X-box were gorgeous. I'm sure the new version of Xbox 360 is really something to behold. The TV commercials have me drooling :)

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Well bad news for in-cockpit view fans is still no in-cockpit view but as well as external views and a bonnet view there is another view slightly higher than the bonnet which gives a drivers eye viewpoint of the track where you can see the bonnet extending in front of you so imagine your TV screen as the windscreen and you're pretty much there. I've seen one comment I think has a ring of truth and that is - how much time when you are driving do you spend looking at parts of the interior?, not much I imagine and even less when driving at speed. I know a lot of racing sim fans like a cockpit view, its my preferred choice too when its available in a sim but I can forgive Forza 2 as there is no other game I know of which models over 300 cars right out of the box to the degree of fidelity that Forza does.

I also enjoyed the original and you may be glad to see some of the old fantasy tracks given a complete makeover to next gen standards, I found it nice to have some familiar tracks on top of the real world tracks like Silverstone and Road Atlanta. Also in Forza 2 you'll find the best looking rendition of the green hell I've seen in any sim or mod for a sim, its simply stunning. Some users have commented the graphics may not be on par with say Project Gotham Racing 3 (or the forth coming PGR4) but the developers had already said they wanted to use resources on the game physics to get the cars handling realistically and I think they have done a great job simulating so many cars. Even so my girlfriend mistook a replay I had on as footage from a real race so its not doing too bad graphically ;)

I play on a joypad but I would like to get a wheel for more precise and smooth corner taking though it is very playable on the joypad and I have managed to lap a few players who use a wheel :)

I'm not about to dump my PC in the trash and only play on my console, I have far too many good sims to play and I'm not here to evangalise like some moron has acused me of doing on another sim forum but I'd recommend Forza 2 to anyone who has an Xbox 360 and if you don't, well a 360 costs less than a decent grphics card these days and yo can buy a cable to hook it up to your PC monitor if you so wish or the wife wants to watch her soap oera's on the TV :) I'm sat here with RACE, GTR 2, rFactor and GT Legends installed and my G25 hooked up and ready to roll but you know sometimes its just nice to pop a disk in the drive of my 360 and just play instead of wasting time patching and tweaking.

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Wheels are relatively inexpensive for X-Box, so I'd get one if I bought the -360.

The main reason I like an in-cockpit view is for the way your POV tilts as you go around corners. If you ever played TOCA2, they did this effect to perfection. You're never really aware of it until it's gone, then you miss it big time.

One of these days I'll plunk down some coin for a 360. Probably a few days before the successor to the 360 is announced, I'm sure! :D

Oh, and you can evangilize all you want about consoles...they definitely have a place in any serious gamer's arsenal. Gameplay has always been the sine qua non as far as I'm concerned, and if consoles have titles with great gameplay, then count me in. I'm no fan of the standard controller, but there are alternative input devices if one looks for them.

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Not sure if the G25 is compatible, but there are some wheels designed specifically for the XBox 360.

XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (~ $100)

MC2 Racing Wheel (~$ 80)

Joytech Nitro Racing Wheel (~$70)

The neat thing is that they're all designed to be used on your lap. No bolt-clamps required (unless you're into that sorta thing) :D

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I looked into the Xbox compatibility for the G25 and over at their support site a Logitech rep said it was unlikely ever to happen because the G25 was built on standards set for the PC format. A friend has the official Microsoft wheel and likes it, I don't think it would compare to the G25 but then its not even in that price range. I used to have a PC MS Sidewinder wheel and it was very well made so I might pick one up as I think it would help smooth out corners and be a big help on the oval track in FM2. I have seen people say steer well clear of those other wheels, especially the Mad Catz one. As far as clamping The Dude is correct you can use them on your lap though there is a detachable clamp and one friend I race online with clamps his to a coffee table though I did find this device on Amazon and he's pre-ordered so I'm awaiting his review :)

FM2 has a nice paint program to customise your cars, you can have thousands of layers of 'vinyl' on your car so some users have been really creative making complex images out of simple shapes...me? I keep it simple stupid! :) I decided to give my heavily pimped-under-the-hood British Racing green Lotus Elise a touch of the red white and blues, this was my first effort after 20 mins:


A bit dark but this is me at Silverstone heavy on the brakes


This is my 2007 model Porsche GT2 racing an older model. The entire field is made up of Porsche's of various era's racing in the Porsche manufacturers cup at Mugello.


Sometimes you need to really pimp your ride to suit your driving style, this RWD monster was a bit tough to handle so I uprated the suspension, transmission, rollbars on this Corvette Guldstrand, here I'm racing around New York's street circuit.


There are a few 'old skool' championships, I have a lovely Jaguar E-Type in British Racing green but I'm also quite fond of this Corvette Stingray of 1967 vintage :) (again racing on the streets of New York)


The cool thing in Forza 2 is you can stop the action, or watch a replay and take a screenshot with a pretty decent camera tool, I need to work on the exposure settings a little to brighten up my shots so apolgies for that but you can adjust and tweak the output of your saved image then upload it to your account on the official Forza 2 website and download them to share with friends.

As far as consoles go I'm dissapointed with the way two 360's have died though fortunately the store I bought them from took them back and I have the extended warranty from mS but failure rate has been much higher than MS ever imagined though newer models of the 360 have an additional heatsink and they have changed a clamp for one heatsink in the 360 I believe because that was one of the points it would fail on so new 360's should be much more robust its just us early adopters that fell foul. Even though I had two die on me I'd still recommend it over the PS3. Its got a better selection of games right now, a lot more peripherals like cordless headsets etc and the online system has been rock solid since the original Xbox. Xbox Live is how playing online SHOULD be. I have a list of friends online who appear in a list much like an instant messenger i.e offline or online except it also shows what game they are playing, I can compare in game acheivements (points given for doing certain things in game like winning a race from the back of a grid is one achievement in Forza 2) I can also see what other games they play and setup an online game, open my friends list from within the game and send them an invite to join me. If they accept they just load up the game and get connected automatically to my game with voice comms already setup and working, no messing around with third party apps or swapping IP addresses - of only PC gaming could be that easy online! Some people don't like the idea of paying for the service (£40 a year) but when you break it down to cost per day and consider what it offers gamers I think its a fantastic service where you can also download game demo's, film previews and extra content for games.

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Lovely pics! Great paint job :thumbsup:

I read over at Slashdot how one chap went through 12 XBox 360s. Failure after failure, but he did get a replacement every time. Mind you, those replacements are never new, they are refurbed units that also failed. Apparently, the problem is, as you pointed out, one of overheating. The GPU runs so hot that it warps the PCB; after a few dozen heat/cool cycles the warping eventually cracks the solder in one critical spot and poof! 3 red lights of death.

I'll buy one eventually. By then, I'm sure they'll be bridging the heatsinks to the metal chassis to further aid cooling.

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Reports from a few Xbox sites seem to indicate that it was a clamp holding the heatsink to the GPU that caused the problem, Microsoft have now revised that clamp apparently and fitting new heatsinks to units sent in for repair so I would guess that these new heatsinks are on new units fresh off the production line. MS really need to get this right this time with the PS3 and Wii available they can't afford to lose customers.

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