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Vanilla F4 on XP?

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After moving a few boxes around this afternoon, I found a brand new looking boxed copy of Falcon 4 in my loft. It's on CD and looks to have all the manuals with it.

I have read through the tutorial on the site about installing the 1.08 patch on XP. Is that all I need to worry about? I haven't played F4 for many years and didn't even know I had a copy!

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome as I'm itching to get my joystick out :blink::rolleyes:


I've just opened the box to have a proper look. It contains the Quick Reference Chart, Communications Handbook, Cadets Guide, enormous manual and Map of Korea poster. All in mint condition. I'm going to be doing a lot of reading by the looks of it!



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Welcome to our humble forum. That's quite the find you made! :thumbsup:

The Mecca of F4dom is the FrugalsWorld.com F4 Forum: Frugal's World F4 Forum.

If I recall correctly, there's a lot more involved to patching a vanilla copy of F4 than just that v1.08 patch.

I found a thread over there on how to patch it, but there aren't any decent links to the items required in the guide: Patching F4 from CD. I do think, however, you should register on that forum and do a search for patch guides. If you can't find an existing thread, just ask for help and you'll probably get a definitive answer in about 30 seconds :)

Good luck! Tell us how it goes :)

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Thank you for the answer, I'll join up and see what I can find out.

I haven't played a flight sim in many years. The genre seemed to die off after the popularity of the late 80's and early 90's. Since my original post, I've also found boxed copies of Joint Strike Fighter, F/A18-E Super Hornet, U.S. Navy Fighters and Falcon 3, all of which I'd completely forgotten about. None of them were as good as Falcon 4 if my memory serves, but I'll probably give them a try after I've spent the next year reading through the F4 manual! :-)



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You've got some classic flight sims there. Most you'd have to install a DOS compatibility program like DOSBox to run. Or, you could install a VMWare Player's virtual DOS appliance to run them.

Today's most popular flight sims are IL-2 Sturmovik (and it's umpteen variations including Pacific Fighters), and Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory which is seeing a recent upsurge in interest. European Air War is still being played by many (that crowd hangs out on the SimHQ.com forum).

If you ever get into IL-2's Pacific Fighters, we've got some of the most experienced flyers of that sim right here. If you ever have questions about that title, you'd get the answers you need pretty quick here.

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