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A new convert

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Wow. I just downloaded the OFP demo. Graphics aren't amazing, but incredible military detail for an infantry sim (I mostly fly flight sims). This is no medal of honor :). It actually reminds me of America's Army. Now- Where can i buy it, because its pretty hard to find. And whats the best deal i can get? Thanks a lot- man im hooked on this game.

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Buy it here: Operation Flashpoint, Game of the Year Edition: $19.99

Best store on the net to deal with for this title. Guy who runs it knows us and will treat you very well.

When you get it, you can join us for some online play on Friday or Saturday nights. We have about 7 guys who meet regularly at 9PM EST for OFP missions and mayhem.

If you are interested, I'll give you further details when you get your game. :)

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