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Steve Fosset missing


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Fossett "Overdue" After Taking Off In Super Decathlon

ANN REALTIME UPDATE 09.04.07 1545 EDT: Civil Air Patrol officials tell CNN they're continuing the search for the Bellanca Super Decathlon piloted by billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett, that went missing shortly after takeoff from a private airstrip in Western Nevada Monday morning.

CAP identified the plane as N240R, an 8KCAB-180 registered to the Flying M Hunting Club in Yerington, NV.

Fossett departed from the Flying M Ranch, about 30 miles south of Yerington, just before 0900 PDT Monday. Earlier reports stated Fossett took off Monday evening.

News reports indicate the missing aircraft is white and blue, with orange stripes. A graphic of the type is shown below.

The Decathlon is an aerobatic-capable aircraft, though Fossett -- who reportedly dislikes performing aerobatic maneuvers -- is not believed to have planned such maneuvers on his flight.

He was not wearing a parachute, a requirement only when flying aerobatics.

CAP crews have not detected a signal from the plane's ELT.

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