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Although I am an old sub sim player (688i) I am new to these boards. Heck since I registered I've been on the boards browsing for about an hour and a half! I am going to try Silent Hunter sims and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to getting XP to run it. I have to try SH cause I canna find ANY modern (los Angles or Seawolf class) sims to get. If there are any, plz let me know. Thanx and I hope to make many new friends on this CombatSim site. Gotta go, Steeler game coming on soon!! :icon_salute3:

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Welcome to our forum TruckerElk,

First off, you and Schatten (another of our members) will be friends because he's a big Steelers fan too.

As for sub sims, I'm not much help 'cause I'm an affirmed prop sim guy. If you are a complete submarine nut, then you'll eventually want to check out Subsim.com. That's where the sewer pipe sailors congregate :) That's not to say you won't want to hang with this crowd; they're a hoot, but the defacto site on the web for sub types is Subsim.com.

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