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This Day in WWII 09-11-1939 - 1945


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cv091139.jpg Benito Mussolini

1939: Arrival of first British troops in France officially announced.

1940: Afternoon attacks on London: 110 killed and 260 injured; Dover suffers worst attack of war.

1941: Charles A. Lindbergh sparked charges of anti-Semitism with a speech in which he blamed ''the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration'' for trying to draw the United States into World War II.

1941: German order of the day says Leningrad must be taken quickly, regardless of cost. Zhukov takes command of city.

1941: US freighter "Montana" sunk en route to Iceland, none killed.

1942: Heavy RAF raid on Düsseldorf.

1942: Japanese drive halted by Australians at loribaiwa, just 32 miles from Port Moresby.

agreene1.jpg Angela Greene

1943: British 8th Army occupies Brindisi in southern Italy.

1943: German officers captured by the Red Army since the start of the war, form an anti-Hitler association, called the "Bund Deutscher Offiziere".

1101440911_400.jpg(READ COVER STORY)

1944: American troops enter Luxembourg.

1944: The 15th Scottish Division crosses the Dutch border, east of Antwerp. A bridgehead is established across MeuseEscaut canal. The U.S. Third Army captures a large part of Maginot Line intact and reach the German border at Trier on the Moselle river. The 1st French Division occupies Dijon.

1945: Forty prominent Japanese are arrested for war crimes. Tojo, who ordered the raid on Pearl Harbor attempts suicide

cv091144.jpg Captured Nazis

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Angela who? Where do you keep finding these fabulous (full figured) babes?! (Don't answer that question, I like being surprised).

Great cover story about Grumman. From the article:

"Grumman planes saved Guadalcanal" —Navy Secretary Forrestal.

The Hellcat is a tough, round-bellied fighter plane that looks like two beer barrels, end to end. The U.S. Navy calls it the greatest sea fighter in the world.

Gunny! Did you read that? :D

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Just look at Angela, guys! OK, that's enough for now, we don't want you going all funny-like, do we? My point is, comparing her to somebody like Paris Hilton or her girl friends is like comparing a classic Ferrari to an over-used primer-patched Chevy from the Wreckers! When will these marketing clowns realize that class and leaving the imagination to work beats in-your-face any day?

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