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Joke Thread (12 SEPTEMBER 07)


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So sorry to have missed a few days here boys and girls. This campaigning is taking a lot of my time. Don't forget to send your donation checks for my campaign! (Tax deductible ya know) ;) Send the money to Donster, he is my campaign finance guru. ;)

A bartender looks out the window of his bar and sees a guy riding a horse, dressed in a hunting outfit with a rifle over one arm and a hound running along beside him.

He dismounts and comes walking into the bar where upon he takes the rifle off his shoulder and starts wandering around with his dog sniffing every table, chair and small corner of the bar after a while he approaches the barman, who asks him what he's doing.

The guy replies, "I'm hunting, you idiot... can't you see that?"

"OK, OK..." says the barman, "Would you like a drink while you hunt?"

Immediately the hunter asks, "Do you have any cheap Gin?"

Rather taken a back by the abruptness of his request the barman replies, "No, I'm sorry, I'm all out of the cheap stuff. Is there anything else you'd like?"

"No" says the hunter and he starts to leave.

As he reaches the door, the barman calls after him, "By the way, pal, exactly what do you hunt?"

"I hunt for cheap gin, you bumbling idiot! Couldn't you tell that? - I'm a BarGIN Hunter!"


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