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'Nuff said

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Went on Hyperlobby yesterday and found myself over the Normandy beach-head. Took bombs to go and bust up some Hun artillery (Primary target, apparrently), and was shot down twice by 190's zooming and booming. Even after I'd ditched the bombs I was still screwed; not enough energy to properly engage the Boche before they'd made their attack and climbed back to safety.

Third time, I said screw it, left the bombs and took off climbing straight to Angels 15 over the airfield before heading for the enemy coast.

A dot in the distance turned into another 190 on the same level as me; neither aircraft had the advantage of height, so it was down to the pilots and the machines.

And I tore him a new one. Took this screenie on the way back up to altitude. I love the Hurricane, but the Spitfire will mix it with anything.

The Best. B)

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Turn with a Spit Burn with a Spit

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