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I am new to Falcon 4.0 and need help ??

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G'day mate and welcome to the forums , the best resourse for Falcon 4 or Allied Force which is the latest incarnation of the sim would be either Frugals...go Link for Frugals

or go here for Sim HQ...go Link to SimHq

I tried these sims but way over my head im a prop jock myself , anyway great to see you here and best of luck with Falcon its meant to be the best sim around for Falcon lovers

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I was way, way into Falcon 4 when it 1st came out, but it has been a few years.

Tried to pick it up again when Allied Force came into being, but the complexity was more intense then I recall it being.

Maybe I am just too old, or no longer have the time, but had a real hard go of getting back up to speed.

What I'd love to see in this series is a dozen or so re-orientation flights around Nellis, AFB or something.

Either way, prepare for a learning curve that approaches perpendicular on occasion.

Best of luck!

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