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This Day in WWII 10-20-1943 - 1944


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1943: An allied agreement to set up UN commission on war crimes is announced in London.

1943: A delayed-detonation bomb explodes at the central post office in Naples, Italy, injuring seventy-two people. When they retreated three weeks earlier, the Germans left behind scores of booby traps.

1943: The Russian attacks from Bukrin bridgehead are bloodily repulsed.

evelynkeyes2.jpg Evelyn Keyes

1944: The Red Army captures Belgrade, while Yugoslav partisans capture Dubrovnik.

1944: The U.S. Sixth Army landings in the Philippines begin on the East Coast of Leyte, but the 60,000 men sent ashore encounter stiff Japanese resistance.


1944: Gen. Douglas MacArthur stepped ashore at Leyte in the Philippines, 2 1/2 years after he'd said, ''I shall return.''

1101411020_400.jpg Sir Frederick Bowhill (READ COVER STORY)

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