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Just landed ..... am back again


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Hi Guys,

This place looks familiar.

Seems I might have been here before but we'd have to go back

to the year 2000. Yah, I'm an oldster :rolleyes:

Noticed that there are still a few oldbodies here too.

I'm now a skinner and a Screenies poster of the Old Girl EAW and I noticed that Moggy

has been posting some of my more recent stuff here in my absences.

Anyway, I've just 'logged in' and shall be sharing my time here

with two other EAW forums to keep in touch and see what's doing with you guys.

Cheers for now :thumbsup:

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Welcome Skylark my friend, good to see you around here! I have very much enjoyed your EAW screenshots and calendars over the years and hope you will post a few now and again? The other EAW forum sadly became disjointed and lost it's original "spirit" but here we can pretty much talk about anything without fuses or ego's popping...well, almost anyway! :)

Here's hoping you'll become one of the regulars!



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