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I was on a roll tonight


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I was cruising around Nain Entoth ripping up the orcs and wargs havin a great time , picking up some great recipes for my armour and weapon masters , makin a fast buck at the same time when the server announcement came on , man i was in my groove and i had to log , but on a bright note i know where Stoneforge has to go to start farming rich iron and gold which also means i have to get my weaponmaster hauling ass to level up to join the farming .

Or i could go back and begin book 1..........nah im havin to much fun at the moment ill get around to it some day , groovy armour and nifty weapons come first :lol: :lol:lol

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Crafting now is kind of a pain. First off, when I first came on the scene, components were worth 6 points. Now only 4. When you get to the higher levels, it starts being a royal pain especially for say a tailor and getting pristine and exceptional hides only come from the most severe of places. The armor smiths it's not so bad because you can can double dip and make components with your tailor skill then components with the armor smith then craft out the armor to sell to the vendor. Doing that hurts the tailor side and eventually you have to have to work on the tailor skill to keep up with the armor smith skill. Rick said it was because Turbine said it was too easy GM the professions and they didn't think that people would take to crafting so well. Folks did, I love crafting by the way, and Turbine had to come up with a way to make it harder to GM the professions. I'm stuck right now with Voslic in tailoring for two reasons. I have to go to Estledin to use a superior work bench to work the pristine leather and getting pristine and exceptional hides sucks.

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Yeah the T5 Metalsmithing is sort of a pain. To get a mere 40 points of skill last night took 40 Ancient Steel Ingots. Now that sounds logical until you realise that to get 40 Ancient Steel ingots takes:

80 Ancient Iron ingots, which is 160 Ancient Iron ore, which is a ton of mining in contested mining areas, on top of that I also needed 40 Westernesse Steel ingots to combine with the Ancient Iron ones to make the Ancient Steel, so that's 80 Dwarf-Iron Ingots which take 160 Dwarf-Iron ore. Add to the fact that once you get the Dwarf-Iron ingots you have to add coal to them on a 1:2 basis to get the Westernesse Steel and you also have a cash drain component. So, long story short, just on raw ore numbers since that's what you're watching when you're mining it took 320 ore of 2 different types to wind up with the 40 Ancient Steel ingots to yield those 40 Metalsmithing points.

Fun huh?

Also you have to remember that to GM Metalsmith you need to fill in the first anvil which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 points, and then also fill in the second one which is an additional 1040 points...

...and people wonder why I've been riding the knife's edge of going postal everytime I take the time to sit down and craft. :lol:

On the bright side the crafting, while time and labor intensive, is much less of a drag than DAoC's. In that game, when I played it, you picked one profession and stuck with it, because it could (and did) literally take over a year and a half to reach the point you could make top end equipment in your trade. Partially because all the materials were bought (at the time, I think they changed this) or salvaged off old weapons and equipment (salvage is something I'd love to see in LOTRO) then you add in the fact that every thing you made had a 'con' level like a mob, once something turned blue to you you had a lower chance to get skill points off it, then as it sunk down to green it was very rare to get any points off it. To get Legendary crafter skill, you'd have to finish out by making literally hundreds of green "once in a blue moon skill point' items.

I'm glad LOTRO doesn't have that little addition, or I would most likely kill someone.

On the bright side, in December Book 12 is supposed to have a ton of new crafting love, including new recipes and new types of things we can make. I also have seen the salvage option kicked around on the suggestions boards so we'll see what we'll see.

I love crafting, I've done it in every MMO I played that had it, but sometimes it really does make you want to freak out. Then you get a crit on a T5 weapon, the "inscribe item" box comes up and your day is turned right around for the good.


Big Edit Here:

Also the one thing that I have a love hate relationship with Book 11 crafting are the new recipes. I love new stuff to make, who doesn't? So that's good. The bad is...why for the love of God didn't they just make you learn a "pattern" instead of a whole new recipe for each piece? For example, all the pre-Book 11 Ancient Armor were called that, Ancient Armor, after the patch all my recipes turned to Ancient Elf Armor, then you found that there were dropped Ancient Dwarf and Ancient Armor (same name as the old, but now considered Mannish) armors. A new recipe for each piece, and a new 1-shot for each Polished piece. This seems a little...excessive to me. The way I would have preferred it was to have "patterns", they could still be dropped and still split into the normal and 1-shot variety, but instead of me having to get (if I want to have every single T5 heavy armor 'look') 24 completely new recipes, all drops, they could have had a "Dwarf Ancient Pattern" and a "Dwarf Polished Ancient Pattern", etc where you kept the same old recipes you had, but once you found the new patterns you could pick how the armor would look by checking a box. Either Elvish, Breeland or Dwarf. People would still have to hunt down the patterns, but having completely new recipes makes no sense to me since it's a lot of extra scrounging around for people who like to be completists (which is me obviously) but also since no matter how the armor looks, it has the same stats. Elven Ancient Armor is the same statwise as Dwarven Ancient armor as is Breeland Ancient Armor. Crazy.

On one hand it lets people change their look while keeping the stats they're familiar with, but on the other it seems like a lot of programmer work just to make us look different. The only thing that makes sense, at least to me, is that maybe with the Book 12 changes the different racial armors will have different stats and not just different looks. Then having a seperate recipe for each would make sense.

Of course if that happens you will hear wailing and lamentations from people who have their full set of crit armor and don't want to have to buy it all over again. That's a reasonable response I suppose, but on the other hand...well without any permanent durability loss through use crafters do need a way to get return customers. At least in Book 10 they added Bind on Equip, which helped some with that, before that you'd literally make 1 sword for a guy and he'd pass it around to all his alts, basically 1 sale per tier to each account not just person. Yeah it sucks that people have to make more cash to buy more gear...but then again I give all the stuff I make away to my friends anyhow. :lol:

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