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Today's headlines...

Game over for Atari?

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Review

Gears of War and Windows LIVE Issue

Napoleon in Italy Now Available for Purchase

Asus Announces Triton 77 CPU Cooler

Review: Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w Power Supply

Review: EVGA 8800GTS 640MB (w/112SPs) SSC Edition

Review: HyperDrive 4 Redefines Solid State Storage

Review: Everest 1010 Power Supply Unit

OCZ Technology Introduces the ReaperX Series

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Atari going under? again?! :D

Great news bit, Donnie. The readers' comments after the story over at Gamespot are priceless...here's a sample:

By Jaeme

This isn`t the "real" Atari to begin with. The original Atari was a publisher by accident, not design. It`s main business was hardware and the software to put on it; in fact it went to court to prevent anyone else from having access to their machines in any capacity (they lost) which led to the way things are today. The real Atari died with the 7800/ST/Lynx back in the `80s. I`ve said it before, but it is a shame companies can`t die young of an overdose or in a plane crash like rock stars do so we can remember Atari young, with a head full of hair and a Space Invaders cart plugged in blooping away happily.......instead of with Enter the Matrix hanging out of it`s arm, fighting with it`s ex over custody of the Dragon Balls, slowly blowing away our happy memories in a belch of Driver ports. Even an intervention may be too late to save the Atari we all knew and loved.


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