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The trackir rip off


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So I finally saved up enough for a TrackIR Pro 4 after wanting one for ages. I went to Natural Points webby and looked at their list of distributors for the best deal on my new toy. SynapticNetworks.co.uk looked to be the best bet with a deal on for October with the item at £106. Great, and after all they are Natural Points European Distributor so they must be OK right?


The website disappears a few days after ordering and after telling me to expect delivery in a week they stop answering emails too.

Money is taken and it was ordered on a debit card so little protection there. The bank need to regard it as fraud to offer protection for a debit card and they dont.

Next port of call is NaturalPoint.com as they make the things and guess what? They politely don't want to know. I think that sucks big time tbh.

Moral of the story is to always use a credit card online and that Natural Point will not help you financially if you get ripped off by one of their own distributors.

http://www.free-track.org/ all the way.


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