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Campaign mission settings

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One question. Has HQ gone nuts??!!! Why do they set these missions that go straight in the belly of the infadel just to destroy a bridge? Wouldn't it make sense to chip away on the perimeter and work your way inwards?

I guess my question is it okay to change you mission steerpoints to destroy a totally different target? for instance HQ wants me to infiltrate through a thousand sam sites in order to destroy a bridge. Well, Personally, I'd rather change the mission parameters to destroy a low blow (which is preventing me from getting to the bridge in the first place) on said mission. Then maybe on the next mission I might consider destroying the bridge.

My only problem is will the steerpoints of the remaining package automatically adjust to accomodate my customized mission. Or do I have to modify theirs too?? Somebody help because the pre-determined missions by HQ are utterly ridiculous.

I praise you for your input.

thanks :icon_bow:

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Heh, Welcome to the guts of F4. I'm sure HQ has a good reason for sending you out after that particular bridge. Yours not to wonder why, yours but to do or die.

Several things you can do, but not what you are talking about. If you go take out a target other than that specified in the ATO at best you'll get a mission failed result, at worst you'll get a court marshal. Other elements in your package will definately not automatically follow along.

Your options are:

Set the campaign parameters so that you select mission priority, not HQ.

Select a different mission, you don't have to accept and fly the default.

Adjust the other flights in your package to give you the support you think you need. You're having trouble with a SAM site enroute, send a SEAD flight there first, or reroute your own steerpoints to get around it.

Change the difficulty sliders at the start of the campaign.

Good luck.

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