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This Day in WWII 11-13-1939 – 1945


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cv111344.jpg General De Gaulle

1939: HMS Blanche struck a mine and sank off the Thames Estuary. She was the first Royal Naval destroyer lost in the war. Two German supply ships are scuttled when cornered by the Royal Navy.

1939: German bombers attacked British territory for the first time, with a bombing raid on the Shetland Islands. No serious damage was done.

1940: Two aircraft of the Wireless Intelligence and Development Unit make the first direct attack on enemy Ruffian navigational radar installations on the Cherbourg Peninsula by homing in on their transmission.

1941: Aircraft carrier Ark Royal is torpedoed off Gibraltar by U-81 and later sinks.

1941: President Roosevelt announces the arming of American merchant vessels carrying Lend-Lease cargo to Britain. The US Congress and Senate, vote by a small majority to repeal the 1939 Neutrality Act.

1941: Temperature near Moscow drops to -80°F (-22.2°C).

marthavickers1.jpg Martha Vickers

1942: The Eighth Army captures Tobruk and Montgomery says: ‘We have completely smashed the German and Italian armies’.

1942: Lt Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower flies to Algeria to conclude an agreement with French Admiral Jean Darlan.

1942: First sea battle off Guadalcanal in the Pacific begins in confusion.

1944: Free French forces under General Leclerc attack from Alsace towards the upper Rhine.

1944: German troops evacuate Skopje in Yugoslavia.

1945: General de Gaulle is elected head of the provisional French government.

1101441113_400.jpg General Joe Stilwell (READ COVER STORY)

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That's not quite right...... -80F is about -62C the two scales cross at about -45

With a photo of Martha looking like that, and he's worried about temperature differentials? Archie, where are your priorities? :rolleyes:

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