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This Day in WWII 11-17-1939 - 1943


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1101411117_400.jpg Rueben Fleet (READ COVER STORY)

1939: The Supreme Allied War Council agrees on the co-ordination of British and French war production. It is also decided that if the Germans should invade Belgium, then both British and French troops will move forward in to Belgium to defend the Albert Canal, River Meuse and the River Dyle, which were strong positions from which to meet any German attack. However, the Belgium government refuses to allow Allied reconnaissance parties in to country for fear of provoking the Germans.

1939: The funeral of Czech Jan Opletal becomes the occasion for a large student demonstration. The Germans strike back ruthlessly, sentencing nine student leaders to death, closing the Czech universities, and sending 1200 students to concentration and labour camps. (MORE INFO)

1941: German Luftwaffe general and World War I fighter-ace Ernst Udet commits suicide. The Nazi government tells the public that he died in a flying accident.

1941: The Germans establish the post of Reichskommissariat Ostland under Alfred Rosenberg, to administer the recently conquered territories in the east. Siberian troops are heavily engaged in front of Moscow.

1941: A British night commando raid on what is thought to be Rommel's HQ at Breda Littoria in the Jebel Akhdar in Libya, fails when it is found to be only a logistical HQ and that Rommel is away on a visit to Rome. Also, the SAS raid on axis airfields fails when the transport aircraft are blown off course by a sandstorm.

1941: Chiang Kai-shek urges the western democracies to take urgent action against Japan.

jcaul2.jpg Joan Caulfield

1942: British paratroops engage German troops in Tunisia, while the first clashes occur between the newly landed U.S. and German forces.

1943: A Storm of protest erupts in Britain over the release of Sir Oswald Mosley, the British fascist, on health grounds.

1943: The Russian Sixtieth Army takes Korosten, 100 miles West of Kiev.

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