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Col. Gibbon

The future of EAW

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It seems we have very quickly started developing mods to the game, some of which, will break back compatibility.

Now, to understand the problem better, there are two ways we have of proceeding.

Option 1

1.27.exe We can develop the game in a way, which allows you just to change exe's.

Plus: You'll use the new exe with everything, and be able to change back to a different exe, without a problem.

Minus: We won't be able to bring a lot of new exiting things into the game at this stage.

Option 2

1.30.exe This option would break with the past, and we would build a patch like 1.2, which would give you lots of new things.

Plus: Doing this would allow a lot of new stuff into the game, with updated data structures, textures, sounds, and 3dz's.

Minus: It would change EAW to the point were none of the previous exe's would work anymore with the new version. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2a, 1.26, and FXEXE would all be incompatible. You would need to have a separate install of EAW, to run the older exe's.

It's really a simple 1 or 2 really. :)

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Since new things always break new ground, we can't expect backward compatibility (BC) on every new release.

New stuff always gets attention. :rolleyes:

In time, I think the EAW Code Committee will get around to making BC work. Fun to see the old stuff and the new.

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