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Jokes (27 November 07)

Dark Helmet

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I know you have missed me for a few days, as I have been out on the Campaign Trail to win the hearts of the masses and become the next President of the United States. So here are a few extra goodies for you to savior...

Mr. Oliver Fiddle had a life-long dream of going to a theological seminary, in order to get his Doctor of Divinity degree. After years of saving, at long last, he entered the university. He worked and studied hard. This June coming, his dream will become reality. He will finally receive his degree! From that day forward, he will be known to one and all as "O. Fiddle, D.D."


A major soft drink manufacturer decided that providing choices in the container size in the six-packs of its beverages might help move the product off the shelves. The unique selling idea was to have several different container sizes in the very same six-pack. One of the most successful packages comprised two 250 ml bottles, two 500 ml bottles, and two 1000 ml bottles.

To the bottler’s surprise, after purchasing the beverage, most people chose to drink from the1000 ml container first. Post marketing research showed why: It was the liter of the pack.


All that phone sex has caught up with Whizkid...

He now has hearing-aids.


And remember...vote for me...because what other choices do you have?

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