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Upgrade 2.07

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In case you have not seen this yet:

The BDG (Bob Development Group) ships the upgrade 2.07, see


It contains:

- Too many fixes to list.

- Single Pilot Campaign (beta) with 28 page player guide.

- Updated Multiskin - adds over 150 Historical skins. (Note: OPTIONAL separate download for players with 256M gfx cards or above.) .

- Updated Flight Models (FMs), adjustable to user experience.

- Updated Terrain - Brand new textures and reworked terrain detailing.

- More bdg.txt parameters to allow further tweaking.

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Got it, mate.

Superb work as always. The single plot campaign is a breath of fresh air into the sim. I heard that BDG is looking into the possibility of adding multiplayer functionality. Is this true? If so, it would put WoV right at the top of the current crop of combat flight simulators, bar none!

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