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Solomon Islands Map?

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Yea I know there ain't one in PF, but I'm wondering what would be a good substitute.

I'm reading Morrison's Breaking the Bismarks Barrier (Vol VI of his history of the USN in WWII), and I come across his account of VMF-124's action on 15 Aug 1943 attacking the Kahili airfield. Sounds like it'd make a good coop mission. But alas, no map in PF for this area.

So any ideas as to which map of the ones that Oleg did give us would make a good substitute for this mission?

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I think Chopper used the islands in the Guadalcanal map to recreate Munda. This has been a repeated request to those who have the map making tools. The latest response from one of them was that he had no interest in the Pacific and therefore there will be no such map. This has made many mad. How hard could it be? Lots of water, some islands completely covered with trees and a few airstrips, maybe a dock or two, that's it. Unfortunately, those who currently hold the license to make the maps are only interested in the Mediterranean and Romania with a spinkling of western Europe.

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Yea I looked at the G Map.

Thing is, IIRC, the misson started from Henderson, but flew quite a bit over water (skirted Choiseul on the outside), then came in from the east (Morison is unclear, but it fits with with I remember reading). The 124th hit just as the bombers and escorts were landing. To do it right (or even come close) would mean flipping the whole thing on it's head using the setup on that map.

Is there anything in any of the European maps that might work?

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Well, thanks, Stans.

I went thru all the maps, just to be sure. Can't really find anything that seems to fit. What about the IL2:1946 maps, is there anything close?

I hate to think about upgrading the software on this rig just for that!

I suppose I could use that "Channel" map (can't think of the name), have everyone fly back and forth for 20 minutes, hit an airfield near the French coast, and tell them that everything 20 or so miles back was really water, not land, and oh, by the way, "it's a mis-spelling on the place names", then have them fly back and forth for 10 minutes, and land.

Oh, yea, that'll be realism :rolleyes:

It's too bad that Oleg will not allow an outsider to add a map to this series. After all, what is a map, other than a place to fly. It's a backgroud, that's all, just like a skin. If he'll let outsiders do skins, then why not maps?

It makes no damn sense!

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"Outsiders" are currently making the maps, he gives the final approval and puts it in a patch. The Italy online and the new Besarabia maps are stunning, nothing like the maps that came with Il2 in any of it's previous versions. The problem is that the outsiders who have been given the map making tools have no interest in the Pacific. Until someone who has a thorough knowledge of the Russian language and understands how to use the map tools is given access to such, there will be no Solomon Islands map. We have only two hopes. Either Storm of War materializes and someone uses that to do a new Pacific theater or the tools are released to someone or to a software company that wishes to continue the IL2 series. The later can only happen after SoW is released and Il2 is no longer a money maker for 1C or UbiSoft.

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Hmm, does't Rommel speak Russian? :unsure:

Ok, I'll admit I ain't kept up, what the hell is Storm of War?

Actually I could see an outside company getting the ok to do maps. What's that company that produces all those add-ons (mostly for CFS), I think it begins with and "A". What I see happening is that as the games get "better" they (the makers) keep upping the ante hardware-wise. Look at the requirements for World in Conflict or Bio-whatever. Most people can't keep up, adding on new hardware, upgrading, etc. So as the leading edge moves forward, a hole develops for companies that can make add-ons for games that are "timeless". And IL2 is one of those, like it or not.

I'm running 4 PC's (soon to be 5) LAN. Couple of years ago I paid big bucks for my 1st rig, and then some more to upgrade rig 2. They were state of the art and flew PF (still do) at high setting with very good frame rates. Consider this: For less than the cost of a PS3, I was able to aquire and upgade 2 PC's that are as powerful as the first two, thus giving me a 4 player gamming LAN. And my software cost was less than what a PS3 single game would cost.

The point is that I think we will start of see a falling off of the whizz-bang eye candy type game. I think folks are not going to buying a lot of new PC's due to the ecomony (upgrading may also slow down), and that most gamers will be looking towards updates of "older" games, rather than the latest razzle-dazzle that calls for a $3000 rig.

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Well, based on the requirements of FSX, Crysis and other new titles, I'd say the hardware upgrade wars are far from over. Game developers will continue to add features and eye candy and code it sloppily enough to drive the hardware development. Yeah, I said it, sloppy coding and often that is the reason games don't run well.

Storm of War is the replacement for Il2 Sturmovick. It will be a multi-part series, just like Il2. It was to be out no later than Christmas 2006, then summer 2007, then fall 2007, then Christmas 2007, then early 2008, now it is said that we will be lucky to see it by the end of 2008, but it may be some time in 2009. Oleg and 1C are still building the models for this sim masterpiece. Initially he said that a rig that will run Il2 comfortably will run SoW at low settings. From what I have seen, that will not be the case. Whereas in Il2 damage is represented by a few see-through holes and painted on internal structures, SoW will feature aircraft will a full frame (even painted in the correct primer colors) supporting the skin. When damage occurs there will be no hit bubbles or boxes, but the skin and appropriate underlying structures will be damaged and the damage will be visible. Oleg has recently stated that SoW will support at least dual core CPU's if not quad core. So our single core rigs might load it, but it will probably be a slide show.

A 5 PC LAN for simming? Would be interested in adopting me?

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Gee Stans,

we already got two cats...........I guess I could get a bigger litter box :unsure:

The 5th PC will act as server for the other 4 and, if Doug is correct, also host a server copy of TeamSpeak (if he ain't I got an old K6 PC that might do).

Tell ya what, if you're ever in Maine, say a family vacation (hint, hint), you got a seat reserved. :thumbsup:

Oh, and by the way, with all 4 fired up I get a ping rate of 5.

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That is a lot of bits per butt, buddy!


You ever get all seats occupado? I would like to have just one other dude in the are to fly LAN with, but it ain't happening.

Sounds like a hoot to get a 4 man jam goin' with a separate TS and game server...

Last night it was standing room only (6 guys). We swapped seats when someone got shot down. Right now, without a DF server, the rule is when the server guy goes down, no more respawning, last guy still flying wins that round, then we restart the server.

Oh and Spectre, one of the guys flying has the handle "Hitman", as in Rodney "Hitman" Harrison (bit of a Pats fan, he is)

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